Dear White Friends

Dear White Friends,

When my Mommy has spent an hour putting locks in my hair, please don't rub them vigorously turning their awesomeness into fuzz. It's the equivalent of rubbing the smooth part of a white girl's ponytail in the wrong direction creating a big tangled mess. I love your excitement over my curly locks but please be gentle. 
                                                  Love Mekonen.


*Mandie* said...

When we were adopting from Africa, I took a bunch of classes on how to care for African hair; so, I KNOW how much time and effort hair like this can be! I have to say, it looks GREAT - good job!

Annie said...

I love when we start a sentence with Dear White Friends. I can't stand the hair touching. Not because it's rude (well that too) but because M's hair gets tangled by just being there, so no, it doesn't need your help to get even more tangled. Thanks. I have been getting some funny word verifications lately, and yours is "adopers". No T but it cracked me up for a second.

Rebekah Zenn said...

I love his hair long like this- so cute!

unoeufisenough said...

Beautiful locks ! His hair seems to have grown a lot as for your LG, she seem to have completely grown a lot !!