A Weekend at the Lake

Jon's great aunt and uncle live on a lake here in Indiana. We took a weekend to visit them, ride the boat and jet ski, and swim in the water. The kids had a blast!! Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Mary for a great time!

As soon as we arrived, the kids headed right for the water!
Mekonen loved the dump trucks!!
 Then we headed out for a stroll on the lake. 
 What a handsome boy. He's growing up so fast!
 This little chica-roo was enamored! 
A beautiful sunset!
We spent the whole day playing in the water, riding the jet ski, going on the boat, and relaxing. Fun time!!

 Evie and her love for buckets. 
 Aunt Mary playing with the kiddos.
 Jon and Uncle John lazin' in the water. 
 Cutie pie.
 So handsome. 

This picture cracks me up. Uncle John was so good with Mekonen. They had a blast. 
 The kids loved driving the boat!

Cool little waterway connecting two parts of the lake. 
 Me and my sweet boy. 
A girl and her Daddy.
I know our heads are cut off, but I just love this picture. It makes my heart happy. 
 Last boat ride before leaving. Until next time! 

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Jon said...

great pics! that was so much fun!