A Super-Hero Super-Dad Father's Day

It hasn't been easy putting this family together, and we are amazed at God's grace, mercy, and kindness. I'm thankful today for Jon and how he's actively pursuing Jesus' heart, my heart and the hearts of his children. We love you and want to say thanks for being a Super-Dad! 
We went all out this year for Father's Day, inspired by Mekonen's new love of Super-Heroes and did a
Super-Hero Super-Dad surprise party for Daddy. I've decided that I want our kids to remember celebrating life, even the "small" things like Father's Day. So why not throw a fun little party with cute decorations? Kids loooove stuff like that, and for as long as I'm able in the craziness of life, I'd like to make a big deal out of little things throughout their childhood. It's what memories are made of.

I am, by nature, a crafter. I absolutely love making things, putting them together, and seeing a final product! This doesn't go for all categories of crafts and creativity. It definitely does NOT include crafts that entail furniture, saws, nails, or measuring units, but party decorations are some of my favorite! I didn't digitally create this set (although that is a desire of mine if I can get my hands on photoshop for dirt cheap). So instead I got them printed and cut, and then used them for all sorts of things. (Some for their intended purpose, and others, I got creative with). 

Jon's one and only small gift this Father's Day (sorry babe, haha). One of his favorite summer beers decorated in our Super-Hero Dad theme.

A small table with decorations.
A close-up of the printable, custom made by my photoshop savvy friend Jenn. I laugh whenever I read this quote because it actually reminds me of my Dad. If I would've been up on the idea of a superhero as a kid, I hands-down would've labeled, declared, and shouted from the roof tops, that my Dad was indeed, a super-hero. I bragged about my Dad all the time as a kid...mostly at school or with the neighborhood bullies...you know, the classic lines, "Oh yeah? Well, MY DAD can turn lights on just by snapping his fingers!" (And I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believed that, probably much too far into my childhood for what would be age appropriate). He would snap his fingers in the car and the dome light would turn on. We'd all scream, and cheer, and belly laugh. Little did we know, he was turning the knob on the far left dashboard with the other hand that no one could see! Haha. 
And for kicks, here's a pic of me and first and true hero... a really amazing Dad is the kind of hero no one can take the place of, no matter how great they are! 
A close-up of the newspaper hero article in the above picture. Made by my friend Cristy. Amazing. 
Cake!! The kids were confused. They saw the cake and insisted it was Daddy's Super-Hero birthday party and wanted to know where all the presents were.
 The party scene

 I loved these. Water bottles and table confetti!
Close-up of the banner
 Daddy's special seat, complete with a Superman cup that Mekonen picked out. 
These little cards said things like "Super-Dad," "You're My Superhero" etc.

Close-up of the pictures on the table. A big thank you to my friend Allie for helping me with the pictures!
Boppy, Grandma Magz, and Uncle Jeremy came for lunch!
 Cutie pa-tootie 
Boppy and his kiddos. 
(Oops, forgot to lighten this up. But cute nonetheless!)

 Daddy day snuggles

 (Seriously, how did Evie get blonde hair?)

After party re-arranged decorations to stick around for a few days.

It's not easy leading our crazy crew, it's not easy being the head, it's not easy to lead one's wife and children in a way that draws them to the heart of Jesus, but by God's grace, Jon is running hard in its pursuit. I'm thankful to be walking the ups and downs with him. Thanks for being SUPER! ;)



Jon said...

BEST Father's Day ever! So much effort put into all of this. I'm literally amazed! So thankful for you in more ways that I can explain!

Heather said...

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