Some "New" Old Pictures of Our Schoolhouse!

We got to see some "new" old pictures of our house last week! Our neighbor Harry, who is 94, attended school in our house, as well as his mother, aunts, and uncles. While we were swimming in his pool one afternoon, he came out with two very old photo albums. He was so happy and excited to share the pictures. For now, I was only able to take pictures of them with my phone so the quality isn't super great. We are hoping to get them scanned, digitally fixed, and then find a place to hang them in our house. I mean really, who can say they have pictures of their house from the early 1900's! :) 

This is actually the first school building on our property. This sat right on top of our garden area by the detached garage. It was a one room building and school was in session from 1885-1916. Then in 1916 it was knocked down and our house was built and became the new school building. 
Here's the school students from 1899-1900. The teacher was Charles Todd and they called him Chaz. 
This picture below is the class from 1906-1907. The teacher on the right side was Harrison Anderson. The boy on the bottom left in the first row is Harry's Uncle Doc Davis. Another uncle is last on the top right. And his mom Clora (they called her Cloe) is the first girl on the right in the 2nd to the top row. 
This is our house in the background. Harry's Grandmother Hattie is on the left, his Grandfather Arthur in the middle, and a friend Bertha on the right. The picture was taken in June of 1920 and at this time the school was a 2 room building. The school was called the Epworth School District #6 of Stoneycreek Township
This is a friend Lillian in front of the school in 1917. This is our front door, except we no longer have that neat school looking front door in the center. (The two side doors are still there). I really want to find a way to replicate that. 
This picture actually looks much better on my phone. It keeps showing up really dark here. 
Harry's Grandfather Arthur on the left, friends Bertha and Lilian in the middle, and his Grandmother Hattie on the far right. Taken in 1916. A better shot of our front door and the plaque on the bottom left of the entry that states the school name and date. We so wish that was still there, but it was removed sometime in the 30's we believe. 
This is a picture of Harry's Aunt Ginnie who is on the front of the horse, and her friend Martha, riding to school on a horse! This is the backside of our house. 
And a sweet picture of Harry when he was a boy around the time he started school in our house!
Harry and his sweet wife Sue are still married and live next door! They will be celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary this August!

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