The Summer Fun Begins!

Summer is in full swing and the activities have begun! The kids are absolutely loving their new big backyard to run around in, and this Mama is particularly enjoying it. There's nothing like being able to just send them outside to explore and play, and not have to pack them up to go play at a park like when we lived downtown.

Last week, Jon's sisters and their families were visiting for the week so we got a lot of family time in and the cousins played to their little hearts content. I so wish my kids were growing up in closer distance to all of their cousins. It's one of those things in life that is important to me, seeing as though me growing up with a few of my cousins was a huge thing in my life that has continued to this day.

So here's to the week!!!

Everyone came to our house Saturday night to grill out and have a bonfire with s'mores. We are so thankful for the Lord's blessing of our house and being able to have room to have people over. We so love it! 
There was lots of cousin fun happening this week.
Joy & Evie waiting for their s'mores.
 Owen & Meko, best buds
Owen had a hood and Meko thought he should have one too, except he didn't have one, so he made one. Haha! 
 The 4 crazies on our front stairway.
Impromptu family pics
us ;)
 Boppy & Grandma Magz with the grandkids.
 Tried getting a pic of the four of them. This was the best one. haha.

 Evie just looooooves Uncle Justin. She always finds him and wants to be right next to him. 
 We took the boys fishing with Boppy. Mekonen lasted about 5 minutes before he wanted to just run around on the playground. :) 
 We took a family trip to Chicago to Shedd Aquairum. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time!
 The four.

 Waiting for the aquatics show to start. 
 Evie was enthralled by the dolphins!!
 This picture keeps coming up weird, but it was cute so I posted it anyway. haha. We went to a 4D show of Planet Earth. Mekonen did not understand all the affects. The chairs were moving and vibrating at one point and he yelled out, "Hey! What's happening to my chair?!?!" and got down and looked underneath it. At another point water got sprayed on us and he yelled, "Hey! Who's throwing that water?" Haha. 

 The art of the family selfie ;)
We're looking forward to a great summer full of cook-outs, bon-fires, backyard fun, family get togethers and time with friends. We love building family memories and hopefully I'll be better at recording them here! 


Jon said...

That was a great week! Love having family in town. Good pics. So glad you take pictures. If I was in charge of cataloging our children's growing up, they'd be highly disappointed! You do a great job.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts. Mekonen and Evie are so adorable! Love and miss you all lots! -Caroline M