3rd Trimester!

This pregnancy is sailing by! I'm already 31 1/2 weeks! Craziness! We are super excited for this new mini one to show up in the Oren family.

A peak at the ever growing belly! 

25 weeks

Things are getting a little uncomfortable these days! Thank goodness for a chiropractor who helps ease some of it. But man, my round ligaments in the front are just killing me! I often stand up after sitting for a few minutes and it's almost like I have to wait a second for the kinks to work out of them before I can walk straight....and I have 9 more weeks to go! 

Sleeping was a bit on the rocky side for awhile trying to get comfortable. But the last week or so I've been sleeping like a rock, which is awesome. Let's hope that keeps up! 

Rolling over in bed proves interesting as every time I switch sides it feels like I just ripped my skin open. My belly is so incredibly tight I'm ready for it to split down the middle. Again...9 more weeks to go! Yikes! This torpedo is going to be hilarious this time around. Here's my popped belly button, which didn't pop out until much later with Evie. I honestly don't think it could stretch anymore. Haha. 

I pretty much only wear yoga pants and one of Jon's sweatshirts every day. It's so comfy! Whenever I put real clothes on my kids start jumping around and yell, "Where are we going Mommy?!?!" Haha! Maybe one of these days, Jon will get his wife back that wears actual normal clothes instead of slob clothes. 

Baby moves like a crazy person! He/she is a night owl like Mommy, but up early like Daddy. That's a bad combo if this baby decides to keep up that schedule once he/she is born. Most of baby's movement is felt straight down the middle and over my belly button. There's always a foot or hand bump that stretches up and you can see the tiny little bump through my skin. So cute. Sometimes the thumping and moving is so strong you can see it moving through a shirt AND a sweatshirt. Soccer player? Baby gets hiccups several times a week. It's the weirdest feeling ever, like a constant pulsing. It's an almost creepy feeling. I much prefer just regular twists and tumbles. 

Since I've hit the third trimester I'm drinking 3 cups of red raspberry leaf tea a day. Doctor says it's great for toning the uterus for the work ahead. Yikes. And don't be fooled...it has NO red raspberry flavor whatsoever. It's actually quite gross, and I down it in gulps to keep from gagging. 

We have a a rockin' full boys name, and an equally rockin' girls first name. We are just stuck on a middle name for a girl. We welcome your suggestions, but it needs to be one syllable and we would like it to have some kind of meaning or significance, and not your typical Anne, Lynn, Grace, etc. Give me some names and keep my husband from trying to get me to give a baby girl the middle name "Leaf." I know he loves nature and such, but that's a little much for me! :) 

I continue to just want to drink grapefruit juice and eat things like pineapples and oranges. The kids continue to be enthralled with my belly. They were finally able to feel baby kick! (They're always in bed by the time baby gets moving). They felt a big strong kick and threw their heads back with the greatest belly laughs. So sweet. Then baby stopped and I said, "They must've gone to sleep now!" And no joke Evie says, "Mom it's not 'they!!!' It's not TWO babies, it's just ONE baby!!!" Hilarious. How on earth does she pick up on these things! Oops to lazy grammar Mom! 

Evie has since declared there are two babies in there, even when we tell her there is only one. Mekonen says one is a boy so it can play with him, and Evie says one is a girl so it can play with her. Maybe she knows something we don't? Crazier things have happened! Or maybe it's because little things like this are starting to show up. 
(We live in Indiana, in the middle of nowhere, so yes, our child will have a John Deere onesie). (Although as a friend told me, "Keeping twins a secret is totally something you would do." I laughed and said, "Actually, you're right. I would totally do that. Just for shock affect." But don't worry, it's just one. I promise. 

Funny Baby Conversations from the kids:

1. The question finally came, and from Evie.
Evie: How did that baby get in your belly?
Jon: God put the baby in there. 
Evie: but how did He put it in there? Did God just throw the baby down in there? 
Jon: No, God used natural means to put the baby in there. He did it gently. 

Ummm.....awkward on a couple accounts Jon! Then we quickly changed the subject. Phew. She seemed satisfied at the answer...for now at least. 

2. Evie thinks the baby is coming out of my throat. I would tell her the truth but being that she informs her little class at church the proper terminology for her and her brother's private parts makes me hesitate. I might have a bunch of moms contacting me about my two year old telling them how babies "get out." 

3. Evie came up and patted my belly and said, "Mommy, is this baby going to have a baby birthday?" And I said, "yep! The day they are born will be their birthday." And she replies, "oh ok! Don't worry, I will open her presents for her."
So #1, today she thinks baby is a girl, and #2, she is expecting presents and cake on baby's birthday. Maybe we'll start a new tradition. :) 

4. Mekonen: Mom, your belly is so big! When did it get so big?!?!?!? (said in exasperated proclamation). 

So sweet little baby, we are looking forward to your arrival in two short months! Daddy's been working on house projects and getting things in order. Your bassinet is waiting for you (filled with Evie's baby dolls of course). She doesn't think you'll mind. :) 

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