Happy Valentines Day

Having small kids makes for a lot of fun on little holidays, such as Valentines Day. Add to that, the fact that we have a VERY, VERY life-loving, memory-making child, who notices everything and loves celebrating anything and everything!!! Yep, that's our Mekonen. He's the kid who loves holiday and seasonal decorations, who loves "special things" and special days, as does this Mama! I love nothing more than planning and doing little personalized things throughout their childhood. It does something great to my soul! haha. So for Mekonen, as soon as a holiday ends, he wants to know which one is coming up next. He's the kid who notices the small things and they excite him, such as when Grandma Magz changes her seasonal decorations in the downstairs bathroom. So naturally, Mekonen was very excited about Valentines Day. Here's a glimpse at how we celebrated LOVE. :)

The day before Valentines Day we got together with some friends and did Valentines Day activities. The kids had a blast. Here they are painting watercolor hearts with crosses in the middle. Not only do we talk about love for each other and family on Valentines Day, but also Jesus' love for us! :) 
 Baking soda hearts with red vinegar made for a great little Valentines Day science experiment. 

 Several games of Valentines bingo with red, white, and pink M&M's. I'm pretty sure they spent most of their time eating the M&M's. We started off with a color bingo for the smalls.....
 and ended with a number recognition bingo for the bigs. 
The kids exchanged Valentines too. So cute. 
Two of the cutest Valentines on Valentines Day morning. 
Special place settings for the day. They loved it. 

 Checking out the candy loot in their Valentines buckets. 

Their absolute favorite was reading their cards and love notes from Mommy and Daddy in their mini mailboxes. They were even more excited about this than the candy! 
Mekonen LOVES words. It's one of his top love languages. This was his face every time I read one of his love notes from us. He was giggling the entire time and saying, "Awwww, thanks Mom!" Haha. 
We had fun making a kitty and a frog Valentines day puppet. 

The kids enjoyed lots of Valentines theme food and were on quite the sugar high. 
For brekfast- Red velvet pancakes. Hard to tell the top one is shaped like a heart. 
For lunch- heart shaped PB&J. 
 For snack- pink tutti fruity popcorn and strawberry soda floats with their heart shaped straws. 
And for dinner they went with Grandma Magz and Boppy to Chick-Fil-A. Sorry for handing them off such a sugared mess!!!! 

The kids were pretty excited to make Valentines for Daddy. Here they are. (LOVE him writing his name. So sweet). 
Mekonen's Valentines for Daddy.

Evie's Valentines for Daddy. 

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