We Escaped and Went to Jamaica!

Back in January we escaped A Cold and Snowy Indiana Winter and had a four day get-away in Jamaica, with NO KIDS!!! :) It was heavenly! We were incredibly blessed with this trip away together to celebrate all that God has done in our lives over the last two years, and for all that He continues to do. God's faithfulness, mercy, and grace to us has been incredible. We have much to be thankful for as we continue forging ahead in this life together. We were also so excited for a mini babymoon before we add Oren #3 to the gang this spring.

The kids stayed with our very amazing friends Joe and Julie. They're the kind of people you can leave your kids with without feeling a great stress over how well they will behave, etc. So great to have people in our lives who love our kids where they are, how they are, and who they are, instead of viewing those early childhood days with rose colored glasses of perfection. So, the kids had just a great a time as we did and were incredibly spoiled while we were away. Thanks to Julie for putting up with some broken sleep nights and meltdowns, all the while coming out still loving our kids and not thinking we are the world's worst parents. You're the best!

Leaving on a jet plane....7 months pregnant. Hilarious. 
We were a little bit delayed on our arrival but made it just in time to get cleaned up and out to dinner. So nice. 
 Spent lots of time sitting by the water doing nothing but drinking delicious drinks, talking and reading. It was glorious. Although I woke up with some mild case of the flu or something and spent most of the first part of our first day, throwing up. Thankfully, it passed quickly and I was mostly better the next morning. 
 Haha. Jon in all his whiteness. 
 The view from our room! Good morning Jamaica!
 Apparently, being in Jamaica pregnant means you have a deadly disease as they pretty much wouldn't let me do any activities "for my safety." Almost every excursion we might've gone on the lady said they would not let me participate because I was pregnant. Come on people! They wouldn't even let me get any spa services accept a pedicure, which they were at first hesitant about! Haha. So, while Jon kayaked I went and got a pedicure, which was awesome. 
 Another thing to note if it comes true- every Jamaican who commented was convinced I was having a girl, and most people about fell over when they realized this was our 3rd baby, not first. Apparently, we look too young to even be on a honeymoon according to one couple. 

 Don't worry, all my drinks were baby Oren approved as you can tell by the color. Haha. 

So it was a great trip with good conversation and much needed rest for both of us. And apparently, we are easily replaced as Evie walked into her Sunday school class that Sunday and announced that Mrs. Wendel is now her Mom. Ha! 

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