2 Months on the Waiting List!

Vocabulary Refreshers :)
Referral- The time when they call us with who our baby boy is! We will finally see his face and hear his name! SOOOOOO exciting!
Dossier- Our massive mound of paperwork approving us as adoptive parents. This got sent to Ethiopia on December 3, 2008 and was the day we officially got on the waiting list. 

I called today for our 2 month update! I didn't get to talk with Merrily (the director) because she is in Ethiopia and will be back in the office next week. I was told not to expect a referral in February, but maybe the beginning of March! So that is way fun! One more month!!! (maybe). But honestly, I'm not even setting my heart on it. I've heard of people who were told "this week" and it ended up being 3 weeks later! But I've also heard of people who were told not for 4-6 weeks and they were called back that day! I asked about how many families are on the list for boys ahead of us and she said they don't give out numbers because they change so much (people switch gender requests, people come off holds, etc). I'd still rather have a general number to work with though. They are still doing referrals of boys for families whose dossiers were sent in September, and referrals of girls for families who dossiers were sent in August. Referrals slowed for awhile due to the overcrowding issues at the orphanage and such. But they said several more referrals will be going out next week when Merrily gets back. They wouldn't tell me roughly how many dossiers were sent in October and November though. Argh. It could be 5, it could be 20. Who knows!  I also got no answer about what they thought our chances of getting through court before the rainy season was. I was bummed about that. But hopefully with the news of another judge supposedly taking seat within a month, maybe we have a good chance! They said I could call again next week to talk with the director and see if they have anymore info for us.

Until then, please keep praying!
  • For our son: that he will stay healthy (there are many sick babies at the orphanage and several in the hospital).
  • For a quick referral
  • That another judge will take seat this month
  • That we will get a quick court date and pass before the rainy season


mrs. owl said...

Hey Guys. So sorry I don't post, but do know I am reading and more importanly praying. I am so blessed to watch this beautiful journey of yours. GOD must be so happy to see the two of you walking in obedience to his plan for your life. We are praying and waiting with you. love sherry

Katie & Tim said...

where are you getting all of these cool pictures for your blog? i have to say i'm going to copy them all and incorporate them into my blog at some point! :)