A New Judge!!

I have been super busy lately... lots of things going on, teaching, grad. school started again, church life, and so on. But, when I came home from work today, I received exciting news! Another judge has been assigned to court in Ethiopia! We have been praying and praying for this! Originally, when we first started the adoption process in September of 2008, the wait time from referral (when we know who our baby is) to our court date in Ethiopia (when he is legally ours) was about 2 months. Lately, the process has slowed way down and the wait for a court date has been around 4 months!!! Whoa. We were told that if another judge was seated, it would help move court along quicker. So we've been praying and praying and praying! We received the news today that a new judge has been assigned and court should start to pick up! I am so excited for our fellow adoptive families who will probably have their little ones home sooner than expected and so excited for those of us who still wait, knowing that in the end, the process may not be quite as long as recently anticipated.
Please pray with us as we long to be through court before it closes in August for the rainy season. God is good... HE himself IS good. God is not my definition of good... He is altogether GOOD. So I sleep tonight, resting on the truth that my God is good and he is watching over our Ethiopian babe. Soon baby... very soon.


kristin said...

Hi! well when we first started the wait was supposed to be 5-7 months but becasue of clout closures, drought, power outages in Ethiopia, this have gotten delayed after delayed.

Sooo... if we get a referral soon, we would probably have court and fly in May.

The Andersons said...

Hi there. I stumbled on your blog while looking for information on this rumor I had heard. Its so exciting isn't it!! We are with IAN and started our process in Jan 2007 so we are ready for things to move along! Blessings to you in your journey!

Renee said...

Hi I don't think I have left a comment before but i certainly visit your blog often enough. We got our referral on jan 6th and our court date is march 31st assuming we pass we should travel the end of april. Were people really waiting 4 months for court dates with your agency or did you mean 4 months from referral to travel?

Renee said...

Wow I can't imagine that it would be that much more time from referral to court date with different agencies. We are with All God's children international. We havent heard anything about a new judge but maybe it will make things faster for everyone. Although our time frame so far as been pretty much what we were told in the beginning with the exception of wait to referral. WE were told 6 -8 months and we waited 5 months and 3 weeks.

Rachel said...

Rache - I am literly in tears right now. Most of that probably has to do with the fact that I am my mother's daughter, but another fact is seeing your sweet heart for God. I am so blessed to have a friend in love with God that way you are. I love ya girl, we are praying every day for that little nephew of mine.
love you!!

Lisa and Cory said...

Hi! Will you send me your email address so that I can add you to our blog list?