Baby Names

I love the joy my kids at school have over my adoption. They often get into conversations with me about adoption and our baby. Funny though, these conversations usually come during the times they want a "distraction" from doing their work. I definitely keep things moving in our class, but I always joyfully stop to talk adoption, and I think the kids know this now! ;) So today, during math, they wanted to know why (as one girl puts it), "They haven't given you his picture yet!" (meaning our referral). That quickly turned into, "Mrs. Oren, the very first day you bring him home, will you please promise to bring him to school!" Then, "Will you let us pick out his name?" To which I replied, "Mr. Oren and I will decide his name in the end, but I would love to hear your suggestions! We aren't 100% sure what his name will be, so we are open to your ideas." This spurred on quite the discussion and two little girls insisted on pieces of paper to write them down. Here are their ideas.

**Note: you will need to read phonetically for a few of them. Due to the list, I think they think that "Bible names" must be more spiritual than other names. My favorite spellings are Luck (Luke), Daved (David), Mich (Micah), and my absolute favorite name choice... Psalm. Haha. So random it's hilarious.

And, while we're on the topics of names, we are totally open to suggestions! So please, bring them on!! We have a running list of about 10 names... a few we really like, but haven't settled on one yet. This past Saturday we went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill and they have paper down as the table cloths and provide crayons. We had a fun time writing all the different names we like on the table, trying them out with "Oren", writing them in print and cursive, and all different colors. It was quite fun. Our waitress was a little confused. I asked her if she liked to read what people write on their tables. She said yes. Then with a questioning tone she said, "Looks like baby names?" and I said yep... a baby boy! She looked at me very confused. I'm a pretty small person and if I was pregnant, I had to be very early, but if I was that early, how could I know it was a boy?! Obviously we told her of our adoption and then it all made sense. :) I'm willing to bet though that after we left she was wondering about some of the names we listed. We like less common names and there were quite a few on there, as well as some funny names we were just joking around with. This was one moment I wish I had a cell phone camera to take a picture of our lovely table name design. It was pretty cool! :) But really, we'd love to hear what names you like!
**too bad this cutie doesn't have brown skin. hehe**


Rachael and Jon said...

Babe, I'm still a fan of 'Grigsby'

Kaleb said...

Rachel and Jon,

I love the blog - been following it since Jon alerted me to it. It is exciting to hear how things are progressing, and the timeline gave a great overview!

Much love, grace, and prayer to you in this grand endeavor,

- KC

Joshua and Lydia Rich said...

Have you guys given much thought to keeping your baby's birth name? It will be such an important part of his cultural and family heritage...the name that God knew he would have since the before the beginning of time...(no pressure or anything!!! :)

Matthew and Amanda said...


I thought I would pop on over and look at your blog. I love how enthusiastic you are! That is going to be a GREAT parenting skill!

If you want to email me my email address is:
bella2320@yahoo.com I would be happy to answer any questions you have....if I can


Rachel said...

Rach and Jon,
I check your blog all the time to read updates. I love how cute you are writing names all over the table cloth. I can't wait until Arch and I are expecting to do cute stuff like that! In the Philippines there was a little brown boy names Psalm, he was ADORABLE. I'd try to help with a name, but you know me I'm hooked on girl names.

I love you both!! I can't wait to meet your precious little love.

urrutiafamily said...

Hi Rachael! I love the song on the blog. I've heard it on K-love and think of this process every time. If your asking about names, I know you said you like unusual names, but I love Matthew. I've been trying to get someone I know to use it. No success yet! Oh, well. I may just have to talk Andy into adopting again after Mekdes so we can us it ourselves!!!

Anonymous said...

I am biased because we kept Manny's birth name, but keep the birth name! at least as a middle. now that he's big and understands his birth mom picked his name, it's been a special little thing for him.

although... Mekhi is a super cute boy name!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah keep the birth name!! remember when Amy and Meade wanted to name Manny Joaquin?!? Imagine how weird that would be now!! We're all VERY grateful they kept Manny :)

Abel said...

I was just visiting around and your blog captured my attention because I am from Ethiopia. My suggestion on your baby name is to keep his birth name if it is a name that can easily be pronounced in english and also if it is a name that you enjoy. Otherwise, one good name that I love is "Desta", it means "Happiness" or "Joy" and you can keep his birth name as part of his middle name if you still want to keep his birth name in his full name.