4 Days!

Wow! Only 4 days until our court date! Again, nausea hits almost every day (and again, no I'm not pregnant). I couldn't sleep last night because my stomach was full of butterflies. We got a new video of Mekonen the other night and it is simply precious!!! He was practically asleep in his nanny's lap and was drinking his bottle. As soon as the two nannies realized some of our friends were taking video of him they tried waking him up. They were snapping their fingers right in front of his face and waving this really loud rattle at him. He was blinking his eyes like crazy and was very confused. I felt bad for him because he looked so sleepy, but I was so glad because he woke right up and was looking all around, so curiously. They got a super clear, close-up shot of his face and wow, his eyes are so big, and super dark. It doesn't even look like he has pupils. Oh I just looove it. I've watched it about 50 times!
4 Days Until Court and here are 4 things I've been doing to keep busy!
1. Graduate School - I'm in a two week class now (ending tomorrow) and another session
July 6th-15th. Right now my class is on International Education.

2. Baby Carriers- searching for the two baby carriers I decided on: the Beco Baby Carrier and the Peanut Shell. I have been on a daily quest to try and find them used because they aren't
Here I am with my niece Jane in the peanut shell. My sister and I opened it up in Babies R' Us and I carried her all around the store in it to give it a test run. I found out later the fabric is supposed to be a little more spread out across my shoulder. I loved it though and Jane seemed to really like it too!

3. Friends- hanging with my friends in Ohio who are letting me live with them during grad.
school, and then getting to hang with more friends from PA this weekend who are coming to

Naomi and her girls Ali & Claire who I've been staying with in OH. (Sorry Brian, I couldn't find a pic with you in it too).

Some of our dear friends from PA who are coming to visit this weekend! Ronaldi & Kelli.

4. Lists- I am making a lot of lists!!!

  • Things we still need for Mekonen when he comes home.
  • Things we need for our trip to Ethiopia
  • Packing lists
  • Lists of where to find what we need to buy and price comparisons for them (haha, yes, I have a lot of time on my hands during this grad. class).


Amanda said...

i think i laughed out loud when I read your list...too funny! glad you are keeping busy....we should hit up the outlet mall south of Indy with Allie for some cheap cute clothes for the little dude!

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Amy's sister-in-law, Corrie. I am so excited for you guys! Amy gives us little updates, and today she sent me the link to your blog. I showed Ethan (my almost 3 year-old) the video you made and now he has been asking to see "Baby Konen" all morning! He loves it! Your little guy is so cute; I can't wait for you to have him in your arms!
I had called Amy yesterday to ask if she knew if you had/wanted a baby sling. I am making one for a friend of mine and wondered if you would like one too. Then, lo and behold, Amy sends me your blog and I see that you are interested in a Beco and a Peanut Shell. Well, wouldn't you know I have a Beco that I'm not using!?!? Two of my girlfriends gave it to me as a baby gift, and I do like it, but I have a sling I like better, and Ezra (5 months) seems to do better in my other sling. I would love for you to have it. It is basically new, black with a blue/green print. If you email me your address I'll send it to you.

I hope God helps keep you "sane" in the next few weeks, I know it must be so hard to WAIT! Congrats! Love, Corrie

crystal said...

figure out why people have sex?? Is that what that says? :)