Waiting: Pre-Referral or Post-Referral?

I am in an amazing online group with about 15 families I think it is from AAI who are adopting. Some friends of mine from that group just returned this past weekend from Ethiopia with their babies and we got lots of new pictures and video!! My friend Corrie, who also lives in the Indy area, got some awesome pictures of Mekonen smiling!!! Real big, gummy smiles, with that big dimple right in the middle of his cheek. I can't even handle his cuteness!!! Her husband Andy took video of Mekonen for several minutes, playing with his toys and rolling over, and just smiling away. I can't even count the amount of times I have watched the video already! What an amazing gift to get! They got pictures of his crib, his growth chart, the baby room he's in, and said he's in 0-3 months clothes and maybe some 3-6 months. In the background in one of the pictures, we saw the photo album we sent set up in his crib turned to the picture of me and Jon! I don't know why, but that did something crazy to my heart! :) We are eternally thankful for these gifts of pictures and videos from our friends. I cannot wait to meet their little darling baby girl Macie when we get back to Indiana. Another crew of families from our group are leaving today to go get their babies. Wow! I can remember when we were all waiting for referrals! Hopefully our turn is coming soon!

I was telling a good friend of mine yesterday, who just started the process of adopting from Ethiopia with CWA about the difference in the wait times. During our wait for a referral everyone kept telling me the wait after the referral is the worst than the wait before the referral because you know who your baby is and that makes the waiting extra hard. But I totally disagree. The wait for our referral was way worse. The wait time since referral has been much easier for me. Now I have a little face to stare at, a name to call him, and little milestones to look forward to such as a group assignment, being filed in court, then a court date, and not to mention that I have gotten picture updates almost every 2 weeks from traveling friends, and even video! So I feel like I'm always waiting for another little something to brighten my day, like a new picture. During the referral wait there was nothing to look forward to except our monthly check-in, and the months felt long. However, if our court process doesn't go smoothly and weeks and months end up tacked onto our timeline due to not passing court the first time, then I might change my mind about which wait was the worst. I was also telling her about how I know God has protecting my heart so much in regards to our precious baby boy. God has been filling me up with wonderful, happy, joyful thoughts of Mekonen, and I feel as though he is protecting me from really thinking about the reality that Mekonen is there, in an orphanage, without me. So anyway, I keep trudging along, hoping to hold him in my arms this summer, and PRAYING we pass court on the first try!

We had to sign a paper for AAI and we sent it off with the new address labels we made ourselves! Aren't they cute! :) hehe.


Amy said...

Is it fair to say that waiting for your paperwork to be completed also is not so great? I think I'm going to have a, "We're Finally Waiting" party at my house when it's all in. Can't wait to see that little one of yours!

Anonymous said...

You have been such an incredible help to me. You always say just the right thing, when I get worried about the process. I am so blessed to have you in my life.
Your little guy is beautiful!!!!
Love, JO

Shonah said...

I think the wait after referral becomes hard when things don't go right and you feel like you are never gonna have your arms around your baby. At least that is how it has been for me.

I am thrilled that you have had such a smooth post referral process. With your court date only a matter of weeks away things are looking good for you to have your little guy home this summer!!! What a blessing that would be!

We will be praying for that to be the case and that your smooth sailing continues.