Some Baby Love

Whoa! 8 days until our court date! I am full of so many insane emotions I can hardly sleep! I'm anxious we won't pass the first time, and then all the other emotions are super excited and happy ones that go along with the thought that we do pass! A group of friends from my AAI group just returned this weekend with their babies! We have new pictures and video coming soon! I cannot wait! It brought tears to my eyes reading about them arriving home with their sweet little ones. I cannot wait to be in those shoes! Soon.... very soon.

In the meantime, here's some sweet baby love about Mekonen from my traveling friends. Oh how I have loved these updates while they were there in Ethiopia. They all hugged and snuggled my little guy and told him his mama and daddy are coming soon!
June 15th- Rachael, Mekonen is such a sweetheart. Sean and I got some pictures today and I shot some video. Oh, what a doll. He was a bit cranky from just waking up, but so sweet (from Elizabeth).

June 16th- Mekonen! Rachael, he is so adorable. I came in to see him today and he was fussing in his crib so I picked him up. He just melted into me. What a sweetheart. He has such wide, expressive eyes! I got him smiling and laughing. He has a bit of chest congestion right now and was a little wheezy, but the nurse is aware so don't worry about him. We'll make sure he's okay. I put him back down and he cried, so I picked him up again, walked around and bounced him and he feel asleep! Oh my he's adorable (from Allison).

June 21st- Mekonen is in the room just next door to Eden. He is in with E* and
S*. The nanny in his room was one of my favorites you can see her kissing
on the babies in one of my pictures. He is a tiny boy, I checked his clothing
size and he was wearing 3-6 months and I think he will be in that size for
awhile. He loves to be held and Elizabeth had a tough time putting him down.
He is adorable, really a handsome little man (from Allison).
And here is a little note about Mekonen from back in March. A fellow AAI mom just emailed it to me. I'm so excited to have all these people who have met my baby and can give me little stories about him. I'm putting them all in his lifebook!
I only spent a little time with Mekonen at Wanna when I was visiting Y* in March, but he was such a little snuggler. He really seemed to want to be held and to relax a lot when picked up. I think he maybe had just arrived, and maybe he wasn't really settled in there yet, but I think you have a little guy who will LOVE being held, carried in a sling/ carrier, having baby massage, etc. I really noticed that when I picked up Y*, he immediately scanned the room like 'great, I can finally get a good look around, who's here?', but when I picked up Mekonen, he was really tuned into being held. I'm not sure if that makes any sense! But they struck me as very different personalities. Y* is my first so I am not really speaking from experience, but a lot of what I've read about attachment talks about touch, and Mekonen was very responsive to being touched and held (from Irene).
As we near court, my dreams about him are almost every night! Oh I can't wait to snuggle that boy! I'm off to another week of grad. school. I'm glad I have something to fill the time.

Still clinging to God's goodness...
no matter what.


Donovan and Julie said...

Still clinging to God's goodness, no matter what.

I luv that Mekonen and Sosina are nursery buddies!

Shonah said...

Aren't those letters and notes about your baby amazing!!!

Elizabeth wrote me an e-mail when she returned telling us about her time with Esuyawkal, I will never forget that e-mail. What a beautiful feeling knowing that someone is loving your baby for you and holding them and telling them about you. These notes are totally Lifebook material.

I will be praying for you to pass the first time through court!!