It's the Rainy Season

Just because this is funny... our very non-cool rainboots for Ethiopia.It is the rainy season in Ethiopia right now and the roads are all dirt. So we have heard that when it is wet the mud is incredible! It's mostly clay and very sticky. We bought very unfashionable rubber boots to walk in the street with and will carry shoes in our bag to change when we get places. We will be doing a lot of walking between the guest house and the orphanage every day.

The little old lady at the store got a kick out of the size difference between our boots. Jon's are huge and mine are quite small. His whole boot is the length of my thigh. She asked what we needed them for and we told her we were picking up our son in Ethiopia. She was very excited. hehe. It was cute.

Another cute thing... this onesie from my friend Dani. Her little boy Phoenix was a nursery buddy with Mekonen at the orphanage.

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