Mekonen's Suitcase In Progress!

Whoa...Mekonen's suticase. That's all I have to say... whoa!(Macy looks absolutely thrilled doesn't she? Haha. She has no idea what's coming!) Don't call me crazy yet! There are not clothes piled that high inside the suitcase. The whole first layer or two of the suitcase is diapers, wipes, formula, and all the other baby supplies, then clothes on top.(Diapers are WAY HEAVIER than I thought). So really there are only clothes on the top! The ones set outside the suitcase are still being organized. His bag is way bigger than I imagined for a few reasons.

1. Size- I need to take 6 months mostly, but also a few 9 months. I hear he's skinny but long.
2. Weather- it's the rainy season so it'll be 50's and 60's sometimes 70's and colder at night. Therefore, I wanted to bring a few warmer outfits. So I have several of each kind of weather oufit.
3. Poop- many of the babies have giardia (from a parasite) which causes explosive poop, and explosive meaning needs a complete change of clothes every time. Some friends babies have had it and used all their clothes they brought. Other friends babies didn't have it and didn't come close to using all the clothes they brought. Better to be prepared than unprepared! We will have access to some laundry services, but no dryer, and with the rainy season we were told it can take quite awhile for things to dry.
4. We will be in Ethiopia for 10 days. That's a lot of clothes for a baby... especially one who might have explosive poop! (haha)
5. Either way we have to be within 50 lbs. Funny that a little tiny baby only 14.5 pounds gets 50 pounds of luggage!

Today I also organzied the kitchen cupboards and made one little shelf for Mekonen's stuff. I know that one shelf will quickly turn into two shelves when more sippy cups and the like come into play! But for now, here's a pic. :)


Amber said...

I love seeing the pictures. I am so excited for you. I have followed you for quite some time and I cannot wait to see sweet Mekonen in your arms forever :)
great organization!!!

Anonymous said...

ha! for explosive poop.. don't ask why I know this UGH! pick up one of those plastic cloth diaper cover thingies at babies r us (they are hard to find). If he has it, keep that on him over his disposable diaper, and keep a onesie on underneath everything he wears, and it will spare a few sets of clothes!

also, get the scented disposable diaper bags from babies r us.. really good to carry home nasty clothes home in b/c it blocks the smell. they are SUPER bad for the environment, but that doesn't count when you are getting your baby in a developing country and schlepping through an airport!
they come on a little roll, and cost like $3-4.

oh my, i so remember washing manny's little clothes in the sink and trying to get them to dry in the crazy rainy humid weather. yikes!

Shonah said...

Things look to be coming along nicely for you guys! Your suitcase for Mekonen has made me think that we will probably have to do the same for Esuyawkal. It really is hard to believe that baby stuff takes up so much space and weighs so much:)

Anonymous said...

just remember what you used to tell us when we'd go over your mom's or down amy's about all the stuff we brought with us. It's payback time! P.S. Beka says bring plastic bags for the poop clothes (preferably the scented ones)

Amber Magnuson said...

Be sure to take bibs. Sometimes they will save you an entire change of clothes if Mekonen doesn't take too well to his formula, or is a major drooler :)