We're Finally Packed!!!!!

Wow. I can't believe it! 9 hours until we leave and 5 hours until we get up! So much for our 7:30pm bedtime. It was a good idea, but no, not happening. Hopefully we sleep on the plane. Oh my.

Suitcases are packed, small details finally in order, us finally on our way to bed! I can't wait to hold my boy in my arms!

I fit all of our stuff (me and Jon) into one suitcase and two carry-ons (along with other things). One big bag for Mekonen, 2 big bags for donations, and 1 rubbermaid tote of donations. Holy smokes! This is a lot of luggage! (Sorry the pics are blurry!)

Here are all our donations! Jammies, undies, socks, small bras, and formula! We had two suitcases (50 lbs. each) full of jammies and a whole rubbermaid tote full of formula! Thank you SO MUCH for all of you who contributed to our donation drive for Mekonen's older friends at the orphanage! What a blessing you are!


Jenny said...

yayy! I see the bra's I bought!! I am praying for you two!! I can't wait to see the baby in September!

Anonymous said...

hee hee! love it! this makes me so happy. I remember being so freaked because we brought donated medical supplies.. including syringes and needles. I made sure to pack them around the baby stuff to try and make it obvious we were not smuggling something illicit!

i like the rubbermaid, then you can just leave it there.