Things Are Movin' Along!!

Wow, what a crazy last couple weeks! I have been tackling my to-do list like a mad woman! My 30 hour grad. school project is complete! WAHOO!!! (Still have some reading left to do, but not due until November!). I have also completed most of my shopping for Ethiopia, although I know I'll have a few odds and ends to get once I start putting everything in the suitcases.

Our house has looked like a bomb went off for several days as we moved all Mekonen's stuff out of his nursery to paint and set it up, and cleaned out closets, cabinets, etc., in order to fit all his things. Stuff was everywhere!!! Our luggage is out sitting in the living room waiting to be filled and it's making our dog Macy quite anxious these days. Whenever she sees all this comotion and luggage she knows something is up! She has been moping all over the house. It's quite sad. Here is what she has been looking like lately. Poor baby.
The nursery is coming along and I can't wait to post pictures. We have been working all week on little odds and ends to decorate the room with. Tonight Jon finished Mekonen's rocking horse. So cute! His crib needs a few more coats of stain and that will be finished!

Tomorrow is laundry day for Mekonen's clothes so I can get them all packed! It will be interesting to see how we are going to fit all those diapers! :)

I just cannot believe it! 1 week from tomorrow!!!! 1 week from tomorrow and we are off to see this sweet baby boy face to face!

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Jon said...

I can't wait, Love!!