The First Snow!

On December 3rd, we got our first dusting of snow! It was the first time Mekonen has seen snow. Right after his morning nap, I ushered him outside to discover what all this white stuff was. (Note: I realize his bottom half is not bundled very well. I knew we wouldn't be out long).

I love this picture because he is smiling, but you can tell he is still a little unsure of what this is all about.
First touch! (I know, bad mom, he didn't have gloves on. We weren't out there long I promise).
Apparently, he didn't like the no gloves thing and started yelling. I think his fingers were cold. Poor buddy.
I can't wait till we get some "real snow" and can go sledding. Bad thing about Indiana- we don't get too much snow. Bummer. I guess we'll have to make more trips to Grandma's in Pennsylvania.