Christmas in PA!

Mekonen's 1st Christmas was a blast! We celebrated two Christmases: one with my family in PA and one with Jon's family here in Indiana. Here are the pics from our PA visit the week before Christmas. It was so much fun to be with my family and see my nieces and nephew. Mekonen got tons of gifts from his Grandma and Grandpa!! What a lucky little guy!

Natalie was so sweet handing Mekonen his presents, even though she couldn't open hers until Christmas day.
Mekonen started figuring out the unwrapping thing and by the end was grabbing the paper and tearing it off. It was so cute.

Jonny & I opening gifts! My two favorite gifts were a very cute diaper bag and a winter coat.
Mekonen loved chewing on the boxes! Every gift he received has a hole in it where he chewed.
Mekonen's favorite gift!!! The retro radio flyer rocket. He doesn't quite get what to do yet, but he loves when you push him on it. Soon enough he'll be doing it all by himself!
Daddy showing Mekonen how to use his rocket.
Daddy & Mekonen
Jane as Mrs. Claus.
Picture attempt: Natalie, Mekonen and Jane. Looks like they are all getting a talkin' to after doing something bad. Haha.
All the cousins picture attempt. This was the best one. Haha.
Natalie, Manny, Mekonen, Aderyn, and Jane.
Me and my other boy: MannyB
Mommy playin' with Mekonen.
Auntie Rachael showing the girls how to use their new hoola-hoops!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Jack for all the presents!!!! Mekonen plays with them everyday! We love you!

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