Fun Christmas Tradition!

Our family continues a fun tradition we had growing up. When we were kids, every Christmas we got to pick our wrapping paper that all our presents would be wrapped in. We used to get a kick out of this, and every year we picked out whatever character or theme was our favorite at that time. Some I remember having as a kid were Mickey Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake, and various Disney characters. Now that we are older we obviously don't pick out our wrapping paper, but my mom continues this tradition with the grandkids. Here are the winners this year!! Mekonen has Winnie the Pooh (although he doesn't really like anything specific these days. haha).Manny has SPIDERMAN! His absolute favorite. I asked Natalie last night what was on Manny's wrapping paper and she said, "creatures." Haha.
Aderyn has Disney Princesses. She loves anything princess!!!

Natalie has what she calls, "Scooby Dooby Doo!!!!!" This is her favorite show right now. Yesterday she told me to close the bathroom door so the ghosts don't get in. (On scooby doo they are always getting the ghosts).
Janie Bear also has Winnie the Pooh. What a cutie.

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