By Example...

One of the biggest things I have learned about being a parent for 8 months now, is just how much Mekonen (and all kids) learn by example. I always knew this, especially from teaching, but it is more apparent to me now than ever as I watch Mekonen pick up on things I have never specifically taught him. It's even little things like coming and picking up my brush and trying to brush his hair, and putting dirty clothes in the hamper, etc. It's quite cute, but also made me think more about what I do every day that one way or another trains him.

I have made a change to my morning regarding the fact that Mekonen is picking up and absorbing everything! I used to read my Bible either at night before bed, or mostly during Mekonen's naptime. I listened to a sermon by a pastor we really like, Mark Driscoll, about parenting. In it, he was talking about how he reads his Bible and studies reguarly around his kids. It seems most obvious that the concentration is best when it's quiet and you are alone (which sometimes is the case), but I decided I really want Mekonen to see me enjoying the Bible.
I have changed up our morning routine and now I read my Bible in the morning as soon as we wake up. I get Mekonen his milk and sit him on the floor with some toys while I sit on the couch and read my Bible and journal. Mekonen does very well playing quietly by himself during this time. Sometimes, I will read outloud what I am studying, even though he doesn't really understand yet.

As he gets older and siblings come, we intend to preserve this time in the morning. We do not turn on the TV really at all during the day, and certainly not in the morning as I want my children to start off the day enjoying the quiet and beginning to love God's Word, even from a young age. For now, at Mekonen's age that means sitting on the floor quietly, with his toys while I read out loud and journal. As he gets older he can look through his storybook Bible or do some other independent Bible activities during this time (I love creating fun little things like that). And eventually he can be reading for himself too. But now, at the end of my Bible reading in the morning, I finish by reading to Mekonen from our FAVORITE children's story Bible called The Jesus Storybook Bible. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it! It's awesome!

I think back to my childhood and I always remember seeing my mom and dad reading their Bibles and praying every morning. That has always had a huge impact on me and something I want for my kids as well. Here's Mekonen reading his favorite Jesus Storybook Bible.


Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Hi Rachael--came across your blog via a google alert thingy--and just LOVED the photo of Mekonen reading from his favorite! (I"m the writer of the JSB)

also to say... If you felt like it, parents have been posting pics of their children with the JSB on the book's fan page (link below).

(And also, if I had your permission, I'd love to post it on my site by the book) No pressure though. Just if you felt like it.

Blessings to you and particularly to adorable little Mekonen!


doddyj said...

You are right!! The Jesus Storybook Bible is AMAZING! We just got a copy for Natalie and every single story always turns back to redemption - always retelling the gospel in each story, which is so great to help her learn through repeating.

I was challenged by your blog - makes me want to read in the mornings too, instead of the noise of the tv or just the craziness of the morning routine. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Tracy said...

That's a great way to model your spiritual practices for your son!

I'l have to remember the Jesus storybook Bible!

MICHAEL and AMANDA said...

I agree with you 100%! It is AMAZING what kids pick up on just by watching...we talked about that in church this morning. I see it w/ T too...she mimics everything I do, tone included, it's a good way to keep my heart and tongue in check :)!