More Fall Fun!

Mekonen and I are here at my parents in PA while Jon is in Africa. We are having a great time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa and cousins!!! This week we collected some really cool fall leaves on a walk in Grandma's neighborhood. Then we preserved them by ironing with wax paper and decorated Grandma's cabinet with them. Meko loved it!

So are we excited for our craft or what? 
 All set up- the leaves between the wax paper. (Excuse the huge amounts of drool on Meko's shirt).
 He was mesmerized by the ironing part. (Yes, I am crazy for letting him do this. Don't worry, he was well supervised!)
 The finished product! Aren't they cool?
 Ta-Da! Mekonen with his finished leaves!

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Sharon said...

Your leaves are so beautiful, I did this with my children after you first wrote about it on your blog, and although we had a great time they didn't come out so well!