We Made the Switch!

Sunday afternoon we were hanging out at a friends house waiting for them to get home and Mekonen was supposed to be happily asleep upstairs in a pack n' play. Awhile after he goes down, Jon and I hear really loud footsteps. This house is particularly "echoey" and they sounded like a grown person's footsteps but we knew no grown ups were up there. I thought someone had broken in! Jon ran up the front stairs, I ran up the back, all the while yelling to each other we thought it was Mekonen and were afraid he'd take a trip down their very unforgiving stairs. Within seconds I see a little face, all smiles and giggles up against the glass railing... sure enough, Mekonen succeeded in climbing out of the pack n' play! We put him back to bed, and he went to sleep. A couple hours later, we hear the footsteps again. I was telling my friend, "that's exactly what it sounded like when Mekonen got out. She says, "Are you sure that's not him again?" I said, "No, I think it's Jake" (her son who was playing upstairs with a friend). Julie goes to look and sure enough, there was Mekonen looking through the glass railing upstairs, with a huge smile on his face. OH BOY.
So we get home later that night, put Meko to bed. Not once did I think he could even climb out of his crib. I was happily sleeping in, enjoying the extra sleep Mekonen took this morning. Then I was abruptly woken up with a loud crash. I thought for sure someone broke into our house. Then about 5 seconds later I hear little footsteps running down the hall and that little face appeared next to my bed. I was so relieved it wasn't a burglar and I couldn't believe he didn't break something by how big the thud was. So I put him back in his crib and said, "No, no. You stay right here until Mommy gets you. No climbing out." He cried for about 5 seconds. I was purposely waiting a few minutes to go back and get him. But about 10 seconds later I hear another loud crash and more footsteps. Out again! I put him back in the crib with the same directions. This time he gave in. Cried and read his book until I got him.

Naptime. Did the whole routine thing, put him in the crib, went out the door and stood by to watch (he couldn't see me). Within seconds, he hoisted himself up and over the rail and was dangling over the edge. I was about to run and grab him so he didn't fall, but instead he fell back the other way, back into the crib, doing a full on flip. It was all I could do to not burst into laughter.  I was kicking myself for not thinking of getting the video camera to catch that on film b/c I knew he was going to try and escape. It was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen him do. I went back in, put him in the crib and said "No, no. You stay here. Go nigh-nights." He cried, but gave in and went to sleep.

So in fear for my son's safety going head first over the side of the crib, tonight we headed to the store and bought a bed railing and converted his crib to a toddler bed. We are using this as a transition to a real twin big boy bed since we will need the crib for the new baby in March. We figured this was a good in-between step. He was very excited jumping around on the this new bed thing of his.
But after our bedtime routine of stories with Mommy and Daddy, songs, and snuggles, we put him in his bed and told he to stay there and go to sleep. We waited outside his door. Within seconds he was out and at the door. We put him back in bed and said, "No, no. It's time for nigh-nights. Go to sleep." He cried and cried, but stayed in his bed. I felt so horrible because he sounded so sad. I thought he sounded scared at this new bed idea, but Jon said it wasn't a scared cry, just him not wanting to stay in his bed. Plus, he was WAAAAY overtired. It was an hour and a half past his bedtime and he only napped for an hour today. Within about 15 minutes he was fast asleep. We'll see how this goes!

Oh yeah, and me? I cried too. For real. I laid in bed, hugged Jon and cried. Why can't he be a baby for just a little bit longer? I only had him as a baby for so long. I missed so much.  Before I know it, he'll be in kindergarten.

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Rachael said...

I am laughing with you! (Not at you....) Can;t wait to hear whether he makes it al night long! Sylvie did the same exact thing -- shocked the socks off of me... Unrelated, but I still covet the wooden sign of Mekonen's name in Amharic -- how can I get one for Tariku?