My Quotable Kid

I have always loved hearing all the funny things little kids say. Even before Mekonen came home I wanted to make sure as a Mom that I wrote these things down. We so often say, "Oh I'll remember" but I hear chances are slim if you don't write them down. So here I start a section called "My Quotable Kid." It probably won't have much to it now as Mekonen isn't really saying much. I plan on making my own actual "My Quotable Kid" book for him that I write in.

I have been reading the What to Expect When You're Expecting book during this pregnancy. Mekonen came over, pointed at the lady's belly on the cover and kept saying, "ball!" "ball!" I laughed as I kept saying, "No sweetie, that's a baby!" He looked confused. To him, it was perfectly obvious... that's a ball!

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Julie said...

Wish I was there to see your cutie belly ball--show some pics, will ya?!