A Few of Meko's Favorite Things!

I love all the little things that excite Mekonen and make him giggle and laugh. Here are a few of the things that make up our days together!

Everyday Mekonen, Macy, and I go on a long walk after breakfast. Mekonen gets super excited and yells, "wot! wot!" He runs to get Macy's leash and lays it over her back (thinking he hooked it on. haha).
As Jon says, "Mekonen thinks the world is made up of parks for him." We are taking advantage of all these extra warm fall days and playing outside a lot.
 Music! Singing! Songs! 
Mekonen LOVES music. We often hear him singing "Old MacDonald," "The ABC's," "Jesus Loves Me," and "The Itsby Bitsy Spider." He can't say all the words yet, but puts in his own baby babble to a the perfect pitch of the song. He has just re-discovered a musical bear from his baby activity gym and carries it around everywhere! He loves that it plays music and he can take it wherever he goes. When we turn music on he starts to clap and dance.
Here's Mekonen happily enjoying the Amharic singing at our local Ethiopian group. He was clapping away and stomping his feet!
This is one of Mekonen's favorite books to read in the car. He says "boot! boot!" as soon as he's strapped into his carseat. (Notice the 'wear and tear" from our toddlers teeth!)
He automatically turns it to the page with all the cars. He stares and stares at this page with a very intense look on his face. We always wonder what is going through his little mind. He can look at this page for over a half hour! It's crazy.
Stuffed Animals!
Mekonen is really into his stuffed animals right now. He sleeps with them propped up next to his head and runs to get them out of his bed whenever we are upstairs. These two animals came from two special guys in his life. The big dog named "Puppy" used to be Daddy's when he was a little boy, and the little dog affectionately named "Pug" is from his cousin Manny.
Another favorite of Mekonen's is KISSES!!! He loves seeing Mommy and Daddy kiss and always grabs the back of our necks while saying "Mommy, Daddy" and pushing our heads together to kiss. He is also wildly obsessed with giving us kisses, giving his toys and animals kisses, and then making his toys and animals kiss! It's hilarious. He always adds the special sound affect "mah!"

He kisses the funniest toys. Here is "Guy" (named by Meko) getting a kiss from him. 
Mekonen thinks Macy was put on this earth to be his personal jungle gym and entertainment. He pretty much tortures her all day. He has stopped running into her feet with his big chunky tonka trucks, but has now resorted to chasing her feet with his little matchbox cars. He climbs over her, grabs her back and says, "up, up!" wanting to take a ride, and always tries to feed her from his highchair. 
And of course, last by certainly not least, CARS!! These are a staple in our day and Meko is obsessed with them. He runs the big ones all over the house and carries the little ones everywhere! His new thing is the matchbox cars and he loves carrying them around in a little container I gave him. We lose them all the time! I guess we need to stock up! He also loves this "Vehicle" book. It's simply a board book with pictures of cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. He reads it in his bed everyday while he waits for us to come get him. He never gets bored of it. 

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