Halfway There!!

I have not blogged much about the little bean growing inside! I have been keeping a journal/log but have yet to transfer them to blog posts. Life feels crazy right now and exhaustion has set in big time this week. I am more tired this week than in my first trimester. Whoa. I am wiped! Maybe this babe is going through a growth spurt!!

I can't even believe I can say this but, "I'm halfway there!!" What? Really? Halfway through this pregnancy already? In one sense, it has gone by fast, but in another sense, the end of March seems really far away. (Maybe because there is so much holiday goodness coming up). I have been feeling pretty good (besides being extremely tired this week). Most of the nausea is gone, except for the occasional bout here and there. Blah.
20 Weeks (5 months)
 Food cravings (oh yes)
  • 1st Trimester: I ate Campbell's Tomato Soup and grilled cheese almost everyday, sometimes more than once a day. It was heavenly. Now the thought of that soup kind of creeps me out.
  • 2nd Trimester: I went through about two weeks straight where all I wanted was spinach artichoke anything! I ate several things of the dip (all by myself...yikes), and made and devoured spinach artichoke macaroni and cheese. Yum. During these couple weeks I also downed more orange juice than I care to admit. ;)
The Belly
  • It's growing! Due to my smaller size, my doctor said I am likely to feel almost all stretching and growing. Um yeah, she was right. And I will say it hasn't been the most pleasant thing. I have been uncomfortable All.The.Time. It's the weirdest feeling, one I can't really explain. I want to say it just hurts all the time, but hurt might be too strong of a word. Too much jostling hurts- like when I tried to play hopscotch with my nieces the jumping about felt like my lower stomach would explode. If I move too quickly in or out of a position, or sneeze/cough I get some good pangs. Ouch. 
  • I'm still wearing all normal clothes, with the occasional rubber band around the button on one pair of my jeans. The maternity pants right now are just a tad too big. But give it a few more weeks, and I'm sure I'll fit in them just fine. ;)
And here is the little baby bean at 18 weeks! Still looking a tad "creepy" and working on growing its cuteness. At this appointment baby weighed 9oz and is ahead of schedule in size! (Um yikes. Cause Jon was over ten pounds when he was born! Me? Only 6 lbs. 1 oz. Note to Jon: I'm not delivering your ten pound baby!)


Katie & Tim said...

You STILL are way skinnier than I was pre-pregnancy. Get a belly already, would ya! :) Tim doesn't believe you are pregnant.

Julie said...

I vote for a 11 lb. baby...your strapping Meko needs some competition.

The Frederick Nesters said...

The jostling though - I get that too! (And I dont have a smaller frame. :) It hurts when I cough or yawn really big. Weird, for sure. I've had no cravings, just aversions. Did you get sick at all? I bet you'll have a tiny baby. :) My twins weigh 6 oz each (at 16 weeks). Cale was 7 lbs on the dot...but he was 3 1/2 weeks early.