Turkey Craft!

Today was such a fun, relaxing day with my boy. We got up, did our "chores" (Mekonen is learning how to "make" his bed), had breakfast, took or usual walk (it was quite cold), and then settled into some crafts! It was kind of dreary, cold, and rainy so it was fun to be inside, listening to music and creating! Check out his masterpieces.

Turkey Handprint! 
Mekonen was very confused as I was painting his hand. Haha. I can't believe the paint actually landed on the paper, and the paper only! 


Mekonen holds crayons in the funniest way... all the way at the end between his pointer and thumb. I keep having to show him how to hold it so he can actually get a grip on it to color with. Hehe. 

Can you guess which bird Meko colored and which bird Mommy colored? You guessed it? My kid is a fine motor skills expert! Of course he colored the one on the right! :) 

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Katie & Tim said...

I JUST did handprint turkeys with my boys too. Except Cale was the only one who got fingerpainted. Megersa had his hand traced and we cut out "feathers" from construction paper. Lots of fun. Cale LOVES painting...I'm sure Meko will too. :)