Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family in Pennsylvania. Jon, Mekonen, my cousin Jess and I all made the long trek to PA late Wednesday night. We didn't get in until 5:30am, but we made record time! I don't know how we did it. We stopped more than we ever do (pregnant people have to pee A LOT, and a little boy named Meko kept needing to be changed), and we made it in 10 hours and 15 minutes instead of our 11 to 11 1/2 hour ride. Mekonen kept Jessica quite entertained in the backseat (until the Benadryl kicked in that is). He sang all his songs and pulled out all his tricks. He was EXTREMELY excited to have someone sitting in the backseat with him. It was a "short" trip for us- usually when we go to PA we spend at least a week, but this time we arrived 5:30am Thursday morning and had to leave early Sunday morning. We packed a lot of family and activity in those few days! We didn't take as many pics as usual and they didn't turn out super great. But here's to some turkey day fun anyway!!

The best of about 50 shots of the kid table (minus baby Kim of course). Hilarious. 

A part of the big people table! Always a crowd at the Castros. 

The newest family member Kimberly. So big. Up to 6 lbs. 

Mekonen kept holding his hands out to hold baby Kimmy.

Then he got very jealous because Mommy was holding her. He climbed up, tried sitting on me and started sucking his thumb! Uh-oh baby #2! 

Mekonen and Auntie Amy

These pictures make me incredibly happy. This is the first holiday I've spent with my brother in years! He was so cute with Mekonen and Mekonen was very interested in Uncle Aaron every time he appeared. His curiosity was definitely peaked when Uncle Aaron pulled out the guitar! Music is the way to this boy's heart! 

Mekonen was very hesitant to try on his own, surprisingly. 

So Aaron scooped him right up, all on his own, right onto his lap and tried to get him to play. So cute. 

And last but not least, one of about another 50 attempts at a cousin pic. Hilarious. 
Jane, Natalie, Kim, Mekonen, Aderyn, and Manny

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