The Big Screen

Mekonen had his first ever movie theater experience this past weekend and boy was it FUN!!! We had such a great time enjoying Mekonen and seeing him having so much fun!

Mekonen is extremely obsessed with Pixar Cars. Funny thing is that he was wildly obsessed with it well before he ever even saw the first Cars movie. He just loves anything having to do with cars and racetracks. When we heard Cars 2 was coming out we knew it would be a perfect little family date. We dropped Evie off for the evening with some of our dear friends and made the night a special Mommy, Daddy, and Mekonen date. I think I might've been more excited than Mekonen... that is, until the movie started and he realized what was happening!

When we got into the theater, he was a little confused. The previews started and it showed a little blurb about Cars and then it clicked. He yelled out very loud, "CAAAAARRRRSSSSS Mommy!!!!!" And the people around us started chuckling. Then when that preview was done he continued to say over and over, "Cars back on Mommy?!?!"

Then the movie started and he was mesmerized!

Meko waiting for the movie to start. This picture has all his favorite things in it: McDonald's nuggets and fries, chocolate milk, Cars t-shirt, Lightning McQueen slippers, and his Tow Mater car. The Tow Mater in the corner of this picture is probably my favorite part.
Trying to get a picture of Mekonen and Daddy. Clearly Mekonen was not letting his eyes off that big screen.
Oh yes, the slippers at the movies. 
He thought this was awesome. 
Look at that face. Pure happiness.
An after movie snack of ice-cream at McDonalds, his favorite restaurant. This kid ate more junk that night than he probably has in his whole little life: McDonalds happy meal, chocolate milk, ring pop, raisinets, fun dip, Icee drink, and ice-cream. Whoa!!!
Ooooo, Yummy!!!!

Mekonen's commentary on the night.
After the movie was over we were waiting in the lobby for Daddy to get out of the bathroom and Mekonen kept saying, "Go back in there Mommy?!?!" "Go back in there?!?!?!" 

Since Friday, Mekonen has been talking all about his trip to the movies! Every day he's been saying, 
  • He yells up the stairs, "Mommy, I went to the movie!!!!!!! I had chocolate milk in my mouth!!!!!!!"
  • He yells, "The cars are racin!!!! Tow Mater fly!!!!!!" (cause Tow Mater was flying on a parachute). 
  • He says over and over, "I had nuggets and fies!!!!!" (how he says fries). 
  • He says multiple times a day, "I went on a date with Mommy and Daddy!!!!"
It is SO. MUCH. FUN. watching your kids enjoy something so much. 
Now that's what I call a great time! 


Julie said...

Funny, I took Sos to her first movie last week. We have $1 kids flicks in the AMs at our local theater, so I took her to see Charlotte's Web. We got through alllllmost an hour before bailing. Great job, Meko! Looks like you guys had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

This post had a huge smile on my face ! Simple things are the best !!