Today I Want to Remember

Mekonen Jack

  • How you are comprehending new things everyday and communicating them in such cute ways. 
  • The way you well, "Mommy are you?!?!?!" (wanting to know where I am, and to come get you) when you wake up from sleeping. 
  • How you still want to be held and say, "pick you up?" 
  • How any silly face or funny noise will make you laugh and giggle with excitement. Then you say, "More? More?"
  • How you talk NON-STOP! Even when playing by yourself you are just chatting away!
  • How you love, love to sing and your favorite song is "All Creatures of Our God and King" which you call, "Hallelujah." You ask for it incessantly in the car, "Ha-wujah?" And when we ignore you because we already heard the song 5 times during that ride you then say, "Ha-wujah??? Praise, praise the Father praise the Son??? Praise the Spirit three in one???" Then we can't resist and we play it again. 
  • How you love to play outside and just go places! You get so excited and run to the door to get your shoes. You have been loving our little backyard when Mommy isn't able to take you to the park. You play with your cars, water table, mower, and rocket ship. You also love to "sweep" the sidewalk and the grass.
  • How you are losing some of your baby words, like "mingers" for "fingers." And how you don't say "eat this" and "bite that" as often when you want something to eat. How you are now asking for "snacks" when we walk into the door of Sam's Club instead of yelling out, "eat this?!?!?! bite that?!?!?!" indicating you want to eat some of the samples. This actually makes me kind of sad.
  • How you say words like tovers (for covers), and fark (for park).
  • How you are IN LOVE with parks!! At Sam's Club you kept insisting that we "go to the park" as you pointed to the swingset high up on a display. You did not understand me trying to tell you that it wasn't a park and not something we could play on. 
  • How you love to pick out the letters A, O, and J from the alphabet and yell, "the letter J!!!!!' 
  • How when Evie cries you say, "It's okay Ebie," or "Ebie what's wrooooong????"
  • How bubbles are your new favorite activity.

Evangeline Rae
2 Months Old
11.2 pounds and 22 inches long
What a chunka-monk! I think you look like the Castro family in this picture.
  • How I love your sweet baby smell and nuzzling my nose in the side of your neck.
  • How the sound of your cry reminds me how fragile you are and how much you are so dependent on me. 
  • How crazy and out of control your hair is when I pick you up out of your bed. It kind of reminds me of your Auntie Amy. 
  • How you only like the orange pacifier, and not the pink or purple ones that are exactly the same. 
  • How you have smiled at us from your first week of life.... and no it wasn't gas! You actually did respond to our faces and voices. 
  • How your Daddy spent lots of time walking you around the downstairs, around the table, and up and down the hallway at night, trying to calm you. 
  • How you smiled at the sound of my voice and then furrowed your brow at the sound of Daddy's. 
  • How between 7 and 8 weeks you started to find your voice. It's the cutest thing ever watching you move your little mouth and lips around and trying to make sounds come out.  Here's a video of you talking with Mommy. You are a little annoyed in the beginning but get talking and smiling towards the end!
  • How you smile sooooo incredibly easy. All I have to do is look at you and smile and your whole face lights up. 
9 Weeks
  • How you were sleeping from 10:30/11pm until 6 or 7am for almost a week (at 7 weeks old) and now you are back to eating between 4 and 5am again. As tired as I am, I look over at you in your bassinet stirring around and it melts my heart. 
  • You are sleeping naps in your big girl crib and in the bassinet by our bed at night. When you are all stretched out you are almost too big for it!

    I am in love with your crib bedding! Your Grandma Michelle spoiled you with it. The bright colors are so fun!
  • I am sad how around 8 weeks you no longer fit into most of your newborn clothes. I already look at them and think, "Wow, was she really that small?"

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