Their Daddy

I know, I know, every Mom says it, "My kids have the best Daddy." But really and truly, mine do. He loves them, pursues them, points them to Jesus, and holds their very hearts in his hands, and oh what a marvelous job he does.

We worship the God of the Bible. Time and time again throughout the Bible it talks about the generations of Israel worshipping the God of their fathers. That's what we want. Our children to worship the God their Daddy worships- the one true God of the Bible. What a legacy my children's Daddy carries, what a legacy he is blessed to leave.

I am comforted and secure in the way Jon is a Daddy to our children. He doesn't just care for their physical needs, but he pastors their hearts. He loves, serves, encourages, disciplines, and points them to Jesus. He lives real with them, parenting them with Grace and the Gospel. The two best parenting strategies out there. Why wouldn't they be? That's how God is a Daddy to us right?

So I am blessed. My children are blessed because this guy, chose us. We love you. 

Two little babes waking up a sleepy Daddy to say "Happy Father's Day!"
We made Daddy a special card and gave him a mini flip book of pictures for him to keep with him. What Daddy doesn't like to show off his minis? 
Up close look at Daddy's card, complete with Mekonen's handprint and Evie's footprint. (I had to do Evie's foot when she was sleeping. Her little toes were squirming all over b/c the paintbrush tickled her feet. But she kept on sleeping! I attempted to get her handprint first and it almost ended in a paint nightmare!) 
The inside...

It says:
This very special card
has hugs and kisses in it
And wishes that your
Father's Day
is happy every minute!
We love you!

Dear Daddy,
Teaching us about Jesus
Loving Mommy
Praying for us
Reading stories about Jesus to us
Going to work every day
Taking us to the park
Wrestling matches
Hugs & Kisses
Saying I love you
Playing with us
Protecting us
Meko & Evie 


Julie said...

We love your daddy, too! So glad he's "Mr. Jon!" But what's up with sleeping in the golf shirt, Jon? :-)

Jon said...

Julie, I always sleep in the previous day's clothing. If dirty, I'll take a shower. If not, come polo shirt or coveralls, I'm sleeping in them! No joke. Ask Mama.