Girly Things

As I'm sure you can tell, I am obsessed with putting bows on Evie's head, and yes, she has several that are larger than her face! She will "love" me for it someday right? :) Haha. It's no secret I am fully enjoying this girl thing. The bright colors the flowers, the fun little summer dresses! Love it all. :)

I needed to find a way to store her bows since we were accumulating quite the collection. So I took an old picture frame from a friend, some ribbon on sale for $1 and a can of turquoise spray paint and this is what I got!

This will be hanging on the wall next to Evie's changing table. All the flowers/bows are clipped right onto the ribbon.
 And here are some cute pics of my girl dressed in some of her bows. In the last one Jon says she looks like Pollyanna. Poor Evie. :)


unoeufisenough said...

waw, she is really growing up at a fast speed ! Cute !!

Sharon said...

Have you gotten her any tutu's yet?!?!