Evie Rae is 3 Months (Well 4 months now)

And... I'm back! I've been on a bloggin hiatus while visiting with my family in PA for two weeks. I was off of my blog and facebook for most of the time and it was refreshing actually! But now I'm backlogged on all the stuff I wanted to record over the last several weeks! One of them being, my baby girl turning 3 months old! So here's her 3 month old picture and she just turned 4 months! So a little behind, but she's such a little button I had to post it anyway!

Your 3 Month Milestones
  • You are all smiles!!! Pretty much any eye contact from anyone elicits the most heart-warming grin imaginable! 
  • You are making all sorts of cooing noises... oh I love those baby noises. You even make them when you are falling asleep. It is sooo cute. 
  • You no longer melt into my shoulder when I hold you, but rather you prop your little head up looking all around the room, not wanting to miss a thing!
  • You get the biggest smile when you watch your brother play. It's adorable.
  • You discovered that you can hold a rattle and shake it. You look surprised by the noise it makes. It makes Mekonen laugh and laugh. 
  • You are SUCH a good sleeper and falling into a pattern of two naps a day, and a cat nap at night around dinner, before going to bed around 7:30/8pm. 
  • When we hold you on our laps your legs kick and squirm non-stop! 
  • You are almost laughing! You let out these one or two little grunt/giggles if we tickle you or make faces and talk to you. 
  • Your brother is the only person who calls you "Eve." It is extremely precious.
  • July 9th was your first full night in your nursery, in your big girl crib. It did make me sad. 
  • July 11th you started reaching for objects held in front of your face with both hands.
  • July 23rd you rolled over from your back to your belly! We were a your Grandma's house in PA and I was in the kitchen with everyone getting dinner ready. You were laying on the playmat on your back. I walked back in the room and you were propped up on your belly looking around. We all missed it! Now you are rolling all over the place and can even scoot and roll yourself right off your blanket. 
And, check out Evie's left eye "wink" and my left eye "wink" when I was a baby. Haha. 

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Julie said...

Look at those twin girlies! So sweet...