Happy 4th of July

Finally... here's to the 4th! :) We spent the 4th of July (also our anniversary) with Jon's parents and his sister Lindsay. We had a great time and it was a beautiful day!

My babes: Mekonen & Evie

 Evie & Gramps
 Evie & Grandma Magz
 Mekonen BEFORE the fireworks, looking happy
Then this happened- a REALLY loud high pitched shrill came from the firework that scared all of us, and most definitely Mekonen!
 After that, Mekonen would have nothing to do with these so called fireworks festivities. He kept covering his face. Poor buddy.
 And I kept trying to convince him to hold the sparklers with me. It was a no-go.
So, I played with the fire myself!
 Since Mekonen was not enjoying the fire celebrations :) Daddy, Aunt Lindsay, and I decided to have our own fun with the sparklers. 

 ooooooh dangerous!!!! 

 We had Mekonen salute the flag to make fun of his uber patriotic Grandma Magz. :) 
 fire acrobatics
 Okay, I literally look psychotic in this one, lighter in hand and all.
At the fireworks at night! 
Me and Meko

 Aunt Lindsay & Mekonen
 Daddy & his boy
 Happy Anniversary babe! Wow, 6 years!
 Playin' with Daddy
 So the firework we set off in Grandpa's driveway made Mekonen cover his eyes for the big fireworks in the sky. 
I finally convinced him to take his hands off his eyes and this is what he did...just closed his eyes. Haha. Eventually, we got him to watch the remainder of the show, but he stayed snuggled on Mommy's lap. 

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