7 Months and Rockin' It

So this post is a little over a week late, but better late than never right? Miss Evangeline turned 7 months old on October 28th!!!

At 7 Months You Are:
  • Crawling everywhere!!! You actually started crawling two weeks after turning 6 months old and now you are a pro! We set you down, turn around, and you are clear across the room!
  • On October 11th you had your first taste of baby food! Yummy rice cereal. You had no idea what to think. But you did look pretty cute and stubby in that big highchair!

You are still nursing 4-5 times a day and we added in rice cereal once a day for a week, and then after a week went to twice a day for a week. After one week you actually started opening up your mouth when the spoon came near and boy are those lips to die for! I tried catching their little duck-bill on camera! On October 25th you had your first taste of veggies- butternut squash that Mommy made and pureed for you!

Oh the lips!!!! 

  • On October 16th you pulled yourself to standing for the first time in your crib. We were getting ready for church and I turned around and this is what I saw! Daddy had to lower the crib that day and it kind of made me a little bit sad. 
  • The happiest baby I have ever met- I'm not just saying this because she's my baby, but seriously, this kid smiles more than any baby I know. She is so content, so happy, and just loves, loves people and face and smiles, and anyone who will look her way. 
  • Discovering everything! This is probably one of my favorite stages- watching you discover toys and everything in your environment. I love how everything is exciting and so new. Oh if only we could see life as adults the way you do! Daddy wrote these two things on facebook in recent weeks. "Watching my baby discover things around the room. This is so amazing. Love." and, "One of the coolest things in life is watching a baby take a toy from your hand with gentle curiosity. #mybabygirl."

    I just love this look she gets on her face when she is playing with and discovering her toys.

  •  You have become quite attached to these two blankies and as soon as we hand them to you, you snuggle right in and get ready to sleep! 
  • You and Mekonen interact quite a bit, even though you can't even talk yet! He makes you laugh and laugh. He even tried giving you "underdogs" in your jonny jumper! Yikes!! 


Flinn said...

three words. . .



doddyj said...

Is the leg warmer thing coming in style?? I've seen a few babies sporting the look and I'm so confused...it looks a little odd to me, but then again, I'm usually the last one to catch onto style anyway...haha. :) Ah well...