Fall Catch-Up 1

I am a bit behind on my blogging and am trying to get caught up! We had a fun-filled, busy fall season and are excited to bring it to a close for the upcoming holidays! 

A highlight of the fall season for us was a visit from our dear friends the Witmers who we were in Ethiopia with. We have such a sweet friendship and a special bond as we shared the beginning of our babies lives together. It is a BIG DEAL to us that they drove 9 hours to see us. We rarely have people make the drive to Indianapolis to visit us, and instead we are usually the ones making the drive to people instead. So when they announced a trip to Indy, we were stoked. I think we have found our family love language- time spent, quality time spent, when we aren't the only ones traveling umpteen amount of hours to do so! 

Mekonen loves his friend Sosi and talks of her often. He was so excited that she was sleeping over his house. We had such a great weekend. 

We visited an orchard, went apple picking and played around at the playground. These two are amazing. *LOVE*

We also went to a fall festival type thing with a big hay pile, rides, blow-up things, a pumpkin eating dinosaur, music, and other fall activities. I was trying to get Mekonen excited about jumping in the hay. He wanted nothing to do with it. (That face isn't a smile, it's straight annoyed). 

The Fab Witmer Family. 
Awww, me and my babe.

We went out for pizza and walked the canal to feed the ducks. Although we ended up not seeing one duck! But we still had a blast. 
The cutest bunch of happiness I have ever seen.
There are no words...

Oh we had such a good time. The weekend went by way too fast and we laughed till our sides hurt and tears were streaming down our face. There is nothing better than a much needed visit with friends!


Flinn said...

Rachael always yells at me and tells me to comment on her blog - but this time it was super easy to have a reaction to the post - I have seen Sosi in a lot of Rachael's pictures and stories, and every time I do - I am just so taken by how beautiful and absolutely adorable she is! I really hope I am invited to the wedding when she becomes an Oren :)

Julie said...

AHHHHHHH! I am JUST seeing this now! Shreeeeek! Such cuteness seeing our babies all together! Since we have been home, Sos always asks if a trip in the car is a long one or a short one. If I tell her it's going to be long she'll say, "but not like going to Mekonen's house--that's a loooong, looong trip. He very far, far away." :-)

We LOVE you guys!