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I haven't written a post strictly about my boy in awhile. Evie's been getting the baby monthly posts like 5 month, 6 months, etc. and I haven't documented on here all that's going on with Mekonen!
Well for starters, he is a riot. He is really coming into his personality these days and we are finding with the arrival of a sibling that Mekonen has taken the role of entertainer quite seriously. Most of his waking moments are dedicated to trying to get Evie's attention and make her laugh. He loves to run past her, back and forth, back and forth, yelling or making noises, or laughing... anything to get her to laugh back at him. I'm not sure what this says for his future, but I'm a tad concerned. ;)
Just like all toddlers, this child is a sponge!!! He hears and remembers everything, which can be a little scary at times (and an oh so great reminder to Mommy and Daddy that little ears really don't ever miss a beat!) So our little sponge loves, loves, loves music. He asks me to play his music several times a day and loves to sing! In addition to all his little kid music, we've been teaching Mekonen hymns because so many hymns are great teaching tools for theology. It only takes Mekonen hearing a hymn a few times before he has it down pat! So far he knows "All Creatures of our God and King," "Standing on the Promises of God," "Redeemed," and "Blessed Assurance." We finally got "Blessed Assurance" on video. it's not the greatest quality because it's on my friend's phone.                

Mekonen has done incredibly well adjusting to his baby sister. He is concerned about her, wants to know where she is, and wants to be the first one running into her room the minute she is awake. I love how he calls her "Eve." Now that Evie is more mobile she is getting into his toys, which he doesn't really like. He says, "No Eve" and takes the toy out of her hand and gives her another one. At least he replaces the toy he took right? :) haha. We're workin' on it!

He frequently tells me, "Mommy, I tect Eve." ("protect"). It's the cutest ever. I sure hope he continues that mindset as they get older!

Mekonen is LOVING to mimic and copy all the things I do. He loves to feed Elmo, burp Elmo, and put Elmo "nigh-nights." He even puts Elmo on his belly to sleep. haha. Mekonen likes to "help" and is really into doing all the things that Mommy and Daddy do.

He no longer calls himself Bobby but now always refers to himself as "Bonen" or "Ponen," however he is pronouncing it that day.  Mekonen has been cracking us up lately with all the phrases he says. He says, "Oh sure, that's fine." and "Actually..." He has been obsessed with the notion of the "sun being awake." When the sun is awake he is supposed to be up or going somewhere. He says things like, "you can get me a piece of candy if you want."

I found these little things I wrote down back in June but don't think I ever posted them. I want to remember them so I'm posting them late!

6/13/11 so i'm out in the backyard with Mekonen cleaning up dog poop so he can play. i turn around and Mekonen was grabbing fistfuls of dog poop and chucking them over the fence. "My helpin' Mommy." he said. ewwwwwwwww GROSS!!!

6/5/11 Mekonen's prayer tonight: "Thank you Jesus (pause) for Tow Mater, Lightnin' McQueen, Ebie, Daddy's job, and Daddy's work." and then he yelled, "Amen!!!! Mommy pray?" Then it was my turn. How do you follow that?

6/28/11 Lately you've gone back to calling me "Mama" and I have to say it is probably one of the dearest things you say. You are also wanting me to hold you, and are telling me, "I miss you Mommy" when I'm away from you (even the next room). You are being oh so generous with kisses and hugs. LOVE. Tonight, i went to check on you around midnight. You lifted your sleepy head, stretched out your arms and said, "Hold me." So I climbed into your bed, took you onto my lap, and held you. It felt so good to have you so close like that again when you are sleeping. Brought me back to the countless times I rocked you to sleep in your nursery. How I miss those baby days because it means you are growing up. It means that soon, you will too big to even hold. 

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Flinn said...

Ohh Mekonen!!!! You are such an amazing boy!!! You make my heart melt with every huge huge smile! <3 <3 <3