Fall Catch-Up 2

We had a very busy fall and it went by so quickly! (Check out Fall Catch-Up 1) We spent a lot of time at the park and outside and had lots of activities going on. I also started coaching a competitive gymnastics group 3 nights a week so we have had a packed schedule. We also had several visitors: the Witmers, Auntie Jess, Aunt Lindsay, and Aunt Megan. Fun!!! Here's a small highlight of some of the things we did. 

Made pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, with some dinosaurs and an airplane thrown in there too! :) 
Evie's first ride in the swing. How cute is she! She loved it. 
Our small group at church had a big bonfire hayride night. Here's Daddy and Evie warming up by the fire. 
Oh my. Love.
Our little fam on the hayride. 
Our dog Macy (left) and her cousin Sadie having a sleep-over. 
My cutie patoots posing at Stoneycreek Farm.
Running around and playing at the park with Mommy.
Looks like I'm having too much fun.
The lady at Stoneycreek Farm said I could go ahead and get on the huge jumping pillow with my son (even though we only paid for Mekonen to get on). I'm assuming she meant for me to jump WITH my son since he was the only child on it at the time. Instead, I got extremely distracted doing my own thing...
I'm pretty sure I might've had more fun than Mekonen and the lady seemed very annoyed. 


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