Christmas Fun Activities

We've been full of some fun Christmas activities in this house the past week or so. Mekonen is obsessed with frosty the snowman right now, so we took out our Play-doh and constructed our own Frosty.
 Mekonen loves trying to cut the Play-doh. I love when he concentrates really hard and sticks his little tongue out. 
We also headed off to one of our favorite places to play... the children's museum, and we brought along Grandma Magz. 
Mekonen ice fishing. 
 They had a "pond" (slippery white floor with snowflake lights) that you could slide around and skate on with your socks. Too cute. 

 We always have to hit up the carousel before we go home. 
 We spent another day with our friend Macie making some Christmas crafts: we painted a star, made a snowman, and made our own salt dough ornaments and then painted them. Fun! 
 These two are such hams and love playing together!

Mekonen painting his first salt dough ornament. (I love Evie hanging out in the background. Ha!)
Mekonen's ornaments. I just love "Frosty" on the left. The orange is his carrot nose, and the blue is Frosty's buttons. haha. 

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Jen said...

Love the photos! We're museum members too, so maybe we can go together some time!