Christmas Season Kick Off

My absolute favorite time of the year is here! The Christmas season, and here's to a great start!!! Jon and I saw a commercial the other day that totally depicted me. A lady had her house all decorated for Thanksgiving. I think she let her guests out the door after Thanksgiving day, waved good-bye, walked back into her house and it was all of a sudden Christmas. That is literally me. Thanksgiving evening begins the Christmas celebrations in my book! 

It's already been so fun this year with Mekonen catching on a little bit more to the Christmas and holiday season. He is currently obsessed with Frosty the Snowman and calls things that have to do with Christmas "Merry Christmas." For example, I put the tree up when he was napping. He later walked into the room, saw the tree, looked at it and said very non-chalantly, "Merry Christmas." He calls any decorations or Christmas items "my merry Christmas." 

We went to the library and got a huge stash of Christmas books to add to our own growing pile and every day at naptime and bedtime we read a Christmas story. So far Mekonen's favorite is Frosty the Snowman, which we have to sing of course, not read. :) We told Mekonen we were going to decorate the tree and he could not wait to put the star up. 
Super cute little video of Mekonen putting the star up with Daddy.

Mekonen was unbelievably happy and unbelievably excited the night we chose to do some family decorating and tradition making! We decorated the tree together,  and then had cookies and hot chocolate while watching Frosty the Snomwan. Mekonen was beside himself all day waiting for the big event. 
His smile couldn't have gotten any bigger.
He LOVES carrying this "Frosty" around. 
The finished product. It was so cute watching Mekonen put the ornaments on. He actually understood and knew what to do. I love that several ornaments ended up clumped together on the same branch. 
Yeah for stockings!! Meko's is a train, and Evie's a doll. 
Drinking our hot chocolate and eating cookies. When did my 2 year old turn 75? 
Has to get every last drop!
The next kick-off the holiday event was a weekend trip to Chicago to visit my cousin Jess. This was Mekonen's 4th time to Chicago and Evie Rae's 1st. As always, we had a blast!
Mekonen would've been happy riding the train downtown all day. He was busting with excitement.
I'm not sure I've ever met a happier kid.
Auntie Jess and Evie
Mommy & Evie
How Jon could be found during the train rides and a lot of the walking. 
Checking out the Christmas sites downtown.
Looking at the Christmas window displays at Macy's.
Me & Jess
Mekonen's favorite: chocolate milk and McDonalds.
Saturday evening we went to the Chicago Zoo and got to see it all lit up for Christmas. So fun!

3-D glasses that put snowflakes or elf faces around the lights. Cool babes.
And yes of course, pictures with the "Frosty" lights, Meko's favorite. 

They had a huge light display that would "dance" to Christmas music. It was very cool.
What a great time.

And we're off to a fun start! I can't believe it's already December 5th! So much to do! So much fun to be had! :) 

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