Happy Thanksgiving

 Mekonen making his turkey handprint cards for his Grandparents.

Thanksgiving was a blast, especially because these 7 cousins got to hang out together. It's always one of the highlights of my trips home. We grew up incredibly close with 3 of our cousins and it is such a blessing that we still carry today! 
Surprisingly there were no "extra" guests at my parents this year. Usually there a few friends and church friends who spend the day with us. That's one thing I've always appreciated about my parents- how open to others our home always was/is. And for real. Not just those people who say their home is open to others at any time, but people know it's really not. 
The classic kid table. It's hilarious these days watching the "Fab Five" together. They are like little adults with their humor and conversations with each other around their little table. It's the best. Looks like me and my sisters should add some more babies to the family so Kim and Evie can have their own group (since the Fab Five was named and around long before the two newest ones arrived). :) 
Evie Rae during Thanksgiving dinner. Eating a spoon and pretending there is turkey on it. 
Kimmy enjoying her meal! 
Me and my babe. We look "old" here. "seasoned" or something. haha. 
Two peas in a pod. Natalie and Aderyn. Aderyn wore that turkey hat she made at school all day long. It was so funny. 
No words for the place these boys have in my heart. Manny said, "We are just like brothers."
 Good buddies. :)

And looks like Evie is just like her Mama.
 Natalie has a soft spot in her heart for babies and loved playing and holding Evie. 
And my sister Amy told the kids they could bob for apples. Hilarious. They did better than I thought they would! 
 This just makes me laugh.
 The fruit of his labor.
 Looks like Aderyn had too much fun bobbing for her apples. :)
Jon's sister Meghan and her family were about 2 hrs. away visiting her husband's side for Thanskgiving. So we got to meet up halfway for breakfast and meet the newest Geisler addition: Baby Joy! The four cousins on Jon's side. 
Owen & Joy
Mekonen & Evie
 The 2 Grandbaby girls on the Oren side
I mean seriously, how cute is this? 

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Flinn said...

we have a placemat with the feet and hands to make a turkey and my mom still makes me use it every thanksgiving. this year i passed it on to allie :) so cute - you're such an awesome interactive mom!