Happy 4th of July!

This year it was so incredibly hot- over 100 degrees! We had a great time celebrating with friends at a pool party the night before and had a full day on the fourth. We went to a local parade with our friends Adam and Allie and their two boys. The whole ride there Mekonen kept saying, "When are we going to see July?" Haha.

Evie and Daddy in the blazing sun.
 Mekonen cheesin' like a big boy. 
 Apparently Evie thought she belonged in the parade. 
 Waving a sparkler and American flag as she watched the parade go by. I swear, she did have a good time. haha.
 The boys were dancing and clapping. Mekonen even put the sparkler thing in his mouth and was jammin' away. 
 After the parade we headed up to Jon's aunt and uncle's house to spend time with a bunch of the Oren family. Evie loved climbing on Uncle Greg's big front porch chairs. 
 Uncle Jeremy entertained everyone by playing the piano. Mekonen and Evie were in awe. 
 Sure would love for this little guy to learn the piano from his Uncle Jeremy. 
 Off to see Uncle Greg's tractors with Daddy and Travis.
Mekonen and Travis on Uncle Greg's tractor. They were in heaven! They had such a fun time running around together. 
We had a rather scary end to our July 4th and are praising God for his protection! We had just gotten back from looking at all the tractor's. Travis (Jon's cousin's son) was running along side the golf cart. All the adults standing at the top of hill saw what was coming next and began yelling for them to stop. But it happened too fast. Travis was running and fell down in front of the golf cart and was completely run over. He fell on his stomach and both the front and back tires ran over his entire spine and head. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. He was rushed to the hospital by his parents and was then life flighted to the Indianapolis children's hospital. Jon met them at the hospital and was there well past midnight and said Travis was awake and smiley. He has a skull fracture, concussion, and needed stitches in his head. No surgery was needed to fix the fracture and they say it will heal on its own. He spent last night at Riley and will spend today and tonight there as well. We are praising God for His protection over Travis! Luckily, he had fallen down before he was run over. If he was hit full on and then ran over, it would've been much worse. I simply cannot believe those are the only injuries he had. Mekonen was really shook up. He was riding on the golf cart when they hit Travis. He was crying hysterically for quite some time. We finally got him settled down and to sleep once we got home. Thanks to all our friends who were praying last night!

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doddyj said...

Ah I started to cry reading your scary night! Horrible child accidents are so much more real being a mom & my heart aches for Travis' parents & you guys with Mekonen. I'll pray for healing, both physical & emotional.