1 Month Old!

Well little lady, you were 1 month old on May 6th!
I can't believe you've been here for that long already. You are such a sweet joy to us and my heart is so thankful to call you mine. Here's what you've been up to! 
You look so much like your big sister Evie, but we're beginning to see your own little look mixed in there as well. I can't wait to see what you'll look like as you grow. You've been pretty strong since the day you were born- never had that super floppy newborn body. You're holding your head up really well. Mommy has gotten you to smile quite a lot and disagrees with the idea that you don't know you are smiling. How would they know? :) 
Due to lots of tummy trouble you prefer to be held facing away from us, with your belly on our arm, or any kind of motion that involves bouncing or rocking. Mommy is still trying to figure out how to best help your belly. You are very gassy and spent the first few weeks crying most of the night. Thankfully, you aren't crying as much in the middle of the night now, just getting up to eat, but the evenings are still rough for you. At first, your days were just fine, but now those are having some troubles too. Poor baby girl, I wish I could fix it in a snap! We saw the chiropractor today and you have some issues in your neck and pelvis, probably from birth, both of which can affect the digestive system, so we will be hoping to work on that with several more visits. 

We've found that you love to go at rocket speed in your swing/glider. Daddy came in one evening and saw you just flyin' away in the swing and said, "What on earth!" because it looks pretty funny to see it rocking so much. I said, "hey, is she crying?" We laughed and laughed because it just looks so funny. We said you probably aren't crying because you're trying to figure out what on earth is happening to you. But this little swing has been a life-saver, although we're careful how much you nap in it so you will still sleep in your bassinet.The other thing I've found you like is me holding you while I bounce on the exercise ball. 

You are not typical in your hatred for your car seat. Most babies get in the car and quiet right down. You get very mad as soon as you get in your car seat and don't always settle down after that. 

Your big brother Mekonen and big sister Evie cannot get enough of you! They are obsessed with seeing you with your eyes open and get very excited when this happens. Every morning they rush in to see you and are always wanting to give you kisses. You are so incredibly loved my sweet darling and we are so thankful you are here! 

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