Pips Newbie Pics!

Newborn photos are some of my favorite things in the world, so I was particularly stoked when Jon's highschool friend Hannah (Hannah Hilliard Photography) asked to use Penelope for a training session she was doing for another photographer. Eeeek! Of course!!!! If you are looking to have pictures done, choose Hannah! She has the most adorable studio with such great props!

Penelope Mae was just 10 days old when these pictures were taken. Oh sweet goodness.

I was so thankful my Mom was here when she had her pictures done so she could take the Bigs during Penelope's session. Well, Miss Penelope was being quite the sleeping champ while we waited in the studio for our turn. But, as luck would have it, little Miss decided she was very, very unhappy as soon as Hannah started taking pictures. She screamed, literally screamed, for the first hour and fifteen minutes of her session. Boo. :( She also pooped and peed all over Hannah! Oops! We'll have to work on little lady manners next time, Pip! Haha. I finally got her settled down enough to get a few shots, but I was super bummed she spent most of the time crying. But, at least we got a few good shots, and one sibling shot at the end!

When did my first babies get to be so big?!?!

And just for kicks.... here's a picture of Evie (on top) and Pippi (on the bottom). 
Say what?!?!?! Twins.

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Anonymous said...

I did see these I was just too lazy to comment. I love the pics especially the one with all 3 of them!

Love, JO