25 Reasons Why i Love my Wife

I don't post on OUR blog very often. For some reason, Rachael doesn't refer to this as HER blog like everything else in our life!! Surprising. My favorite quote early in our marriage from the mouth of my children's mother: "What's yours in mine, and what's mine is mine." She of course, was joking, but it's funny (that's the joke part) how she still needs help with her car, her camera, her bed, her house. It's a good thing I'm such a nice guy (and humble too).

Because of my wife and all the joy and light she brings into my life, I wanted to write 25 lovely/amazing/inspiring items about my bride:

Numero Uno...She is beautiful ALL OVER. And I'm talking purely external beauty here. I'm not gonna lie, this is the first thing I noticed before asking her out in college. She has this crazy awesome brown curly hair, and matching brown eyes. Her petite frame is perfect for my height i.e. she is tiny and nestles right into my body. She is "fit as a fiddle" (don't exactly know what that means but heard it once and it sounds sexy). She has these cute little ears that ... I'll just stop where I started with her ears, because it only goes downhill (in anatomical direction), and this is a public blog. (If your curiosity is piqued, read Song of Solomon chapter 4 in the Bible.)

Two - She likes shoes. She picks out cute shoes. I love her shoes.

3) She's better than most dudes in pole-vaulting!!! She wasn't just a "I-can't-do-anything-else-so-maybe-I'll-try-pole-vault" athlete. No, she was strictly assigned to vault because of her skill, and subsequently was a 5-time All-American athlete, winning numerous Div-I events. And the kicker is...she never touched a pole in high school! Ridiculous.

Quattro...Rachael does this "sick" exercise at the gym where she raises her straightened legs so that her toes touch the very bar she is hanging from! And all of this after she has cranked out about 30 pull-ups. Dudes in my high school couldn't even do 1 pull-up (sad), and I can't touch my toes!

5) The Sugar Loves (Ray) has such a connection with our son and we haven't even seen his face yet. It amazes me how her heart longs for our baby boy.

Six - She does this thing while getting ready in front of the mirror when she kind of pushes up the back of her hair while pursing her lips. It's so subtle and cute. Love it.

7...She let me get Macy, our dog.

Ocho: Rachael never complains that she doesn't have new clothes to where. I know that as a girl she would love to have stylish clothes, but she is very frugal with what we have.

Nine: She types faster than Pam Beasley

10) Mercy/Encouragement is her spiritual gift. Rachael feels deeply for people, on their behalf, even when they are doing destructive things in their own life and don't care. Rachael writes so many people with notes of encouragement, and I usually don't know about it until somebody says, "Tell your wife that her note was so encouraging." And I'm like, "Oh, I didn't know she wrote you anything, but I'll tell her you were blessed by it." She loves encouraging people.

'leven - Saturday mornings belong to me and Macy because Ray sleeps in 'til 'bout 'leven. In fact, she slept until 4 p.m. on the day of our first date! She deserves it though, because she gets up at Dawn's crack every weekday.

12...She will be the best Mommy in the world. She's so creative and passionate.

13) If she doesn't like something, she'll tell you. I appreciate frankness because life is too short to pretend.

ForTeen: Even though it's weird that I entertain myself by myself, she lets me have fun without chiding me for it. And sometimes she joins in by singing vibrato to some commercial's lyrics (like Subway's "Five Dollar Foot Longs"). Hilarious.

15) Rachael is organized and tidy. She likes the house to be clean, not a clean freak though...thank goodness.

Sixteen...She has such a sensitive heart. She thinks that our dog has feelings. Macy takes advantage of this, because while she doesn't have feelings, she does have a brain. And she knows
that she can exert her will over my wife's. The hierarchy of authority in our house according to Macy: Boss - Jon, Second-in-Command - Macy, Bottom of the Totem Pole - Rachael.

17. She has three automotive categories: car, truck, motorcycle. If you asked her what kind of vehicle she drives, she'd likely say "a blue car."

18) She lets Macy sleep in the bed if I gave her a bath earlier that day.

Nineteen: She loves Jesus more than me. This makes her love for me more real, substantial, and deep.

20. Because of her love for Jesus, she has a heart that longs to be good Mommy.

21. She loves people more than anybody I have ever met, and longs for them to know Jesus.

Twenty-two: She has a heart for orphan children that beats in tune with God's heart.

23) She is not afraid to go ANYWHERE if that's where God leads...ANYWHERE.

TWenty-Four...When she says something that she knows is funny, she tries to hold the laughter in, but it inevitably comes gushing out in a matter of seconds. I love that.

25. Simply put...she's the Sugar Loves.


Emily B. said...

So sweet! What a great guy!

Kristy said...

Beautiful....simply beautiful!

Kaleb Captain said...

Jonny O., with posts like that you ought to post on your [collective] blog more often.

I'm sure your wife was encouraged, impassioned, and overjoyed by your message. She wasn't the only one - thanks for shining from The Hill to the rest of us onlookers.

Surely Rich is right, God has been doubly good to you (perhaps even triply good).

I'm still excited and praying about your boy!! - peace, KC

Lynn said...

This is so sweet! I know you will both make great parents to your little man and I hope you get the call very, very soon!

Leanne said...

Wow, what a post! Nicely done! :-) I love Rachel even more after reading it. ;-) I like her size too, makes me feel a little taller!

Anonymous said...

#9 types? no, "clacks,"no one can clack on a keyboard like rach, she perpetually sounds angry when typing because it's so agressive!
but, nice post, you earned an extra donut.