Still Waiting...

Still waiting... it's mid-week and no phone call yet telling of us our little boy! We're so close it makes me want to scream! They hand out referrals in order of the days people sent in their paperwork. Our day (December 3, s008) is NEXT! However, we aren't the only family who sent their paperwork on that day. We got an email from our agency saying more referrals will probably go out towards the end of the week. So our BIG question?? ARE WE IN THAT BATCH?!?!?! We are PRAYING that enough baby files are completed so that our little guy is in that batch of referrals this week. Monday was really difficult for some reason, Tuesday and today, I have been feeling very peaceful (although it feels like that's changing as I type because I realize tomorrow will be here in no time)! Referrals were sent out last week on Thursday! I have had my phone right by my side all day at school. I feel like a crazy person. I even take it with me to the bathroom! I am DYING to see that 360 area code on my phone. Every time my phone rings, my heart drops, then I grab it, and see that's it's just Jon or a concerned friend or two wondering about our referral. Although I'm extremely glad for their calls, my heart has to recover for a few seconds before I can even answer! I turn 26 this Saturday and a referral this week would be the most incredible birthday gift ever!


Rebekah Zenn said...

The sting of disappointment hurts so much! I'm there right now, but in a slightly different situation... I'm really praying that you get an *amazing* birthday gift phone call this week!

doddyj said...

Rachael - we've been following your blog to see updates on when your family of three will be complete. :) SO excited to hear that it could be any day now! Thanks for walking us through so many details of the adoption process - God continues to move in our hearts that we may walk this path one day. You are an inspiration to us...remember, being pregnant requires you to wait 10 months. You're lucky, only waiting half the time and hoping to see your boy soon! :)

The Dodds, Phil, Jenn, and Natalie

P.S. How did you get your background to look like that?