Our 3 Month Update!

Wow...I can't believe we have arrived at our 3 month mark on the waiting list. These last three months have gone by faster than I thought! We got our update from our agency on our process and where we stand at this point. Before I share, let me explain a few things so it makes more sense.
Our referral is when we find out which baby is ours! We get his picture and all his info! The dossier is the compilation of all our paperwork that gets sent to Ethiopia. Once that is sent, we are officially on the waiting list. The date our dossier was sent was December 3, 2008. They give referrals out in order based on your gender and age request and the date your dossier was sent. So, for example, we would get a referral before someone who had their dossier sent on say, December 10th for a baby boy. So here's the latest news from our agency!!!!

You are getting closer (How I've waited to hear those words!) We expect to make at least one referral of an infant boy this week. That will bring us to within one referral of starting on December dossiers. There were a couple of dossiers sent on the first day of December and then at least three that went on the same date that yours did.
When that happens, all things being equal and babies healthy, we look to the
family whose application was filed earliest first. Since you did your
dossier so quickly, others may have filed applications before yours. When
the time comes we will check that out. So, you are close, but not there
Sooo....that's where it stands right now. Again, I am amazed at the peace that God has placed in my heart. I cannot wait to be our baby's mommy and I know that God loves him way more than we ever could, so at that, I rest knowing that all is well. We are praying for a March referral so that our chances are higher of getting through court before it closes in August. Please pray with us!!


The Isaak Family said...

How exciting!!! Hope these days/weeks go fast until you finally see your sweet baby's face!!

BrownEyedGirl-- said...

Yay! :) We got the same type of email from Merrily. Our dossier is actually one of the ones that got sent out the same day (I was wrong before). I cannot WAIT! :) Not too much longer now....