Starting a Legacy

Happy Birthday to me! So I turned 26 yesterday, March 14th! Whoa. It's funny because I know I am not old, but 26 just feels like I'm "getting old." 25 was such a good number... still seemed young and full of life, although I'll still say I'm both, but 26 just seems like a boring sounding number. Haha. Anyway... it was a good day! Jon got me a flip mino HD camcorder. I loooove it. It's cute and small and super easy to use. It'll be really handy for me to use when the baby is home and just keep in my purse or whatever. We went out for dinner and then had cake and ice cream with some friends.

It's crazy to think how different our lives are this year than last year, when I turned 25. We have been growing and changing in so many ways, really ready to embrace this new stage of life as parents, and discovering where and how God would have us serve in full-time ministry. I wish I had words to describe things. Last year at this time, we weren't interested in having children yet. We've always wanted children, just not right then. Jon was in seminary full-time and I was working. So that was our main reason for waiting to start our family. Then we decided to adopt first as a means to begin our family. Ever since embarking on this INCREDIBLE journey, crazy, awesome, and amazing things have changed with us, and are happening with us. Again, I feel like I can't put it into words. We have such a desire to leave a legacy, to have fruitful children, not just multiply in number, but to send out children into the world who love Jesus and care for people. We have been soaking up the goodness of God's Word, and have been especially enjoying the book of Proverbs. To attempt to sum things up with words, I will share a part of a letter Jon wrote to me a few weeks ago...
I pray that God would give us a clear and sure vision for our lives together. That we would have a God-given, sanctified vision for our family. That we would think not only of our children or even grandchildren, but that we would be looking five generations ahead. I pray that our sons and daughters might come to know Jesus at an early age and that they might pursue His ends on this earth. I pray especially that our sons will be devoted to God and lead people toward Christ, possibly in vocational ministry. I pray that our daughters will marry godly men who love and serve Jesus. I pray that our children will be fruitful on this earth and that our domain on this earth would be changed completely by and for Jesus Christ.
Our view of family hasn't changed, but a lot of how we will play those things out with our family day to day has changed. We are completely excited. We want a big family that loves Jesus and is fruitful for God's kingdom!

Speaking of building our family... here we come upon another Monday, another week. We thought last week would be the week! We know we're in the next group. But no referrals went out last week, and we were told Friday night that referrals will probably go out this week. So the same news again, but hopefully we'll have THE NEWS to share this week. So off to bed I go, another week of sleepless nights! I am surprised how mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting it is to wait on the edge of going crazy to see my baby's face and hear his name. Wow.

Praying this is our week!!!


Kristy said...

Happy B-day to you. I remember when I wanted to be 26-FOREVER! Wow, that was a long time ago!

Here's to good news for you this week ;O)

Rebekah Zenn said...

It's been fun to watch this process unfold for you guys- I've never really known anyone who has adopted, or how it all works. Having gone through the whole "waiting for a baby thing" twice now, I totally understand the apprehension and excitement that comes with the passing time. With pregnancy, however, one has a due date to look forward to, counting down. God's grace must be with you in an incredible way- I'd be ripping my hair out by now if I were you! Praying for a quick referral!!!!!!

doddyj said...

I turned 27 on Sunday, and, you're right - 25 was such a fun age and now it seems to quickly be going downhill. :) (And of course all of those people 30+ are laughing at us!). Happy Birthday anyway!

And hoping I click on your blog this week to find that you have your boy!!!

Jenn Dodd

Anonymous said...

where are Macy's other two legs? poor macy, does she have to hop sideways now? did a buffalo eat the other two? manny and aderyn will be sad, and probably ask daddy if he can glue macy's legs back on.