10 Months Old

I can't believe it.... my baby is 10 months old already! He turned 10 months this past Wednesday and two months ago today we walked off the plane in Indianapolis as a new family of three! So crazy. In some ways, time has flown by and I can't believe it has been two months already. It seems like Mekonen has always been with us. But other times, I remember how much time we have lost with him. 7 whole months. Wow. That's a lot of time. I was driving home from the store a couple weeks ago thinking about that. I was thinking about how much bigger he feels in my arms when I rock him to sleep and that soon enough, he'll be in a big boy bed and won't need me to rock him to sleep. I walked through the front door, sat on Jon's lap, and just cried. We missed out on so much and I wish so badly I could've known what he was like during all those other months and milestones. But what's important is that he is here now and forever! I can't wait for the day when I can say he's been with us longer than he was at the orphanage. :) Here's a pic of my boy looking like a toddler already. Jon put on his "big boy shoes" and propped him up against the wall. He stands really well in these shoes and he always looks so proud of himself when you stand him up.

10 Things We've Learned About Mekonen for 10 Months Old:
1. He looooooves to be on the move. Once he learned to crawl it was downhill from there. He just goes and goes and goes!
2. He loves to laugh and giggle. It's so easy to get Mekonen to smile and laugh by doing the stupidest things. It's hilarious.
3. He sucks his thumb when he is falling asleep and makes these hialrious chanting like noises to fall asleep.
4. He is super sensory oriented. He loves the way different textures feel, especially the silky smooth edges of his blanket that he sleeps with. As soon as he sees that blanket he gets really hyper. Then he snuggles right in and continually pats it with one hand while feeling the fabric through his fingers on the other hand (while also sucking his thumb. talented). He also loves the feel of different carpets and hard floors. He gets very excited about them. haha.
5. He loves to see his reflection. When he sees himself in the mirror he smiles the biggest smile ever and usually lets out a yell. He also looks at himself in the reflection of the dishwasher and stove everyday. When it gets dark out he crawls to the backdoor and looks at his reflection in the glass. Usually he tries to kiss it.
6. He hates lentils and loves fruit.
7. He makes what we call little chirping noises when he is waking up.
8. He gets very, very mad when you tell him "no" (and truthfully it is so hard not to laugh)
9. He hates car rides that last more than 5 minutes and will make sure you know he hates them.
10. He is starting to figure out that this same mommy and daddy keep coming back to love on me.

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